$650.00 $650.00 Transmission Rebuild Service (V160, W58, or R154)

Transmission Rebuild Service (V160, W58, or R154)

Please select your transmission type using the drop down menu below!

This Transmission Rebuild process is performed in-house here at 'Speed For Sale LLC', and NOT outsourced like most other shops.

V160 labor: $890

W58/R154 Labor: $650

For non-listed transmissions please contact us for estimates.

Starting the rebuild process: Contact us and provide the following information: Name ; Mailing address ; Billing address ; Phone number ; Preferred email address ; Type of transmission ; Symptoms/problems of transmission.

You will then receive a work order with shipping address for our shop, as well as a contact to book freight shipping of the transmission to us. Please also print a copy of this work order and sign it, and include it with the transmission. Make sure when shipping the transmission that you drain the fluid from it (over half come in still full)!

Once the transmission is received: We will do the initial check in of the transmission and contact you to receive payment of the labor charges. Once payment is made the transmission will be torn down and fully inspected and compared to factory tolerance. Once all required parts are identified you will be contacted with a parts repair estimate. Once approved the transmission parts are ordered and the transmission is repaired and bench tested.

Once the rebuild is completed: You will be invoiced the final amount of parts and shipping costs, once paid the transmission will be sent freight back to you .

Available Options:

Transmission Type:

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