$750.00 $750.00 * STU USDM GT28 Version 3 Compressor Upgrade for pre-2013 Kits

* STU USDM GT28 Version 3 Compressor Upgrade for pre-2013 Kits

PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MUST ALREADY HAVE THE ENTIRE 'STU USDM GT28 TWIN TURBO UPGRADE KIT' TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THIS UPGRADE! This upgrade uses your already machined and modified turbo housings, and does NOT include any GT28 small parts, machine work, fittings, lines, or otherwise. This is ONLY for a Version 3 (V3) compressor wheel upgrade and new seals with OPTIONAL bearing housing replacement (please choose which upgrade you want below!)

These new style compressor wheels now use a different compressor casting with longer blades, smaller nose, and taller blade pitch, which is machined exactly like the 2860 so it is a drop in without any machining changes to the compressor housing. These new compressors flow around 39-40 lbs/min compared to the 35 lb/min that our old standard Garrett compressor wheel flowed. The highest horsepower which has been made thus far with this kit is 680 wheel horsepower!  Please note that these are best suited for high boost levels.  They flow more air, but have a bit more lag than the V2 wheels.

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