$3,550.00 $3,190.00 * STU USDM GT28 Hybrid Stock Twin Turbo Upgrade (600+RWHP)

* STU USDM GT28 Hybrid Stock Twin Turbo Upgrade (600+RWHP)

UPDATE, October 12, 2014: Here is a video of Ken's Supra with an automatic transmission running 10.6 at 132mph in the quarter mile with a VERY stock looking engine bay!

Also, a dynograph has been posted below of our full GT28 upgrade with all options (Exhaust manifold, THUK kit, V3 compressor wheels, etc).  The test car was a 1997 Supra 6-speed with stock OBD2 ECU, MAP ECU piggyback, 264 cams, VP C16 gasoline, and all normal bolt ons.  It made 593whp at 24.0psi of boost at 6650 RPM, and the horsepower was still climbing!  A stand alone ECU and more boost would yield MUCH more power.

UPDATE, April 30, 2014:  The new stainless steel exhaust manifold upgrade is now available! Please select this optional item in the menu below!

UPDATE, MAY 22, 2012: This kit now comes standard with ported volutes on the turbo housings, which eliminates a decent sized restriction in the stock housing and helps improve response, spool, and peak power!

UPDATE, JULY 22, 2012: A new 'Version 3' compressor wheel is now offered as an option at no extra charge. They now use a different compressor casting with longer blades, smaller nose, and taller blade pitch, which is machined exactly like the 2860 so it is a drop in without any machining changes to the compressor housing. These new compressors flow around 39-40 lbs/min compared to the 35 lb/min that our old standard Garrett compressor wheel flowed. The highest horsepower which has been made thus far with this kit is 680 wheel horsepower!  They add a bit more lag than the V2 wheels, but flow more air, so they are good for higher boost levels.  Please choose V2 or V3 wheels using the option below.

UPDATE, FEBRUARY 1, 2012: We have now released the long awaited 'Transition/Horsepower Upgrade Kit' (or T.H.U.K for short), which makes the #1 turbocharger produce more boost and torque at low RPM, and also reduces the transition lag time and boost drop between the #1 and #2 turbochargers when the #2 turbo comes online. You can purchase and see more information regarding this THUK package

***Many pictures of these turbos can be found BY CLICKING HERE!***
***Fully detailed installation write-up is located HERE!***

We now hold the known world record for highest horsepower from a Supra with the stock unported exhaust manifold with this turbo kit at 557rwhp and 560rwtq! These turbos have also pushed a Supra with the stock mass air flow meter to 10.8@129.6mph in the quarter mile and 7.0@104 in the 1/8 mile (see time slip below.) This is another exclusive item you can only find here at SpeedForSale.com, and this upgrade is affectionately called 'The STU' (S.tock T.wins U.pgrade)

If you want a great pump gasoline set up, this upgrade will give your Supra great low RPM torque along with more high RPM horsepower when compared to the stock twins. It's a great set up for the street and road racing. These turbos are a couple years in the making by the diligence of Stu and Bryan (with final touch ups, parts revisions, and testing done by Jeremy and Jared), with a thread on SupraForums that is over 1000 posts in size! You can follow the detailed progress of the 1997 Supra Twin Turbo test car with before and after dyno results by CLICKING HERE!

This is the recently released Twin Garrett GT28 Hybrid Stock Turbocharger Upgrade Kit, which includes a complete installation kit, lines, fittings, and fully detailed installation instructions! We are calling this "The Sleeper Turbo Kit", due to the fact they look like stock turbos. On the stock engine/cams/rev limiter in our test Supra, they have been proven to make 450+ rear wheel horsepower on 93 octane gasoline at 17.5psi, 520+ rear wheel horsepower on race gasoline at 21.5psi, and 550+ rear wheel horsepower on race gasoline at 25-26psi (please note that these numbers are not guaranteed, as there are too many variables such as exact supporting modifications, dyno, ambient conditions, etc.) More power is possible with a ported exhaust manifold, larger camshafts, etc. To the untrained eye, these turbochargers look completely stock, which is great for visual inspections. We offer this kit with two choices in wastegate actuators, which are the Sprung Standard actuator (14psi - 22psi range) or a Heavy Duty actuator (18psi - ~28psi Range.) This kit also allows you to bolt up the stock down pipe and exhaust system for a stock look and possible emissions compliance. One of the best features is that this is the ONLY TURBO KIT ON THE MARKET that uses the stock sequential hardware, which means you can run them in sequential or true twin mode! Running the turbos sequentially allows for boost starting at 2000rpm. They are balanced up to about 24psi, and their compressor speed limit is around 32psi on the 3.0L 2JZ-GTE motor.  If you review THIS CHART, you will notice the shafts on these GT28R turbos are shorter AND thicker than the stock turbo shafts, which greatly reduces their chances of warping at high boost levels and increases their lifespan dramatically. You can see a comparison of the GT28 and the stock CT12B compressor wheels BY CLICKING HERE.

We also offer an optional OEM Toyota parts kit to freshen your kit while doing the installation for $275 shipped, which includes new metal gaskets, crush rings, clamps, and more. We also sell the other parts that control the turbochargers' sequential operation, which are the VSV's, pressure tank, and actuators. Also, if you would like for us to do the installation for you here in Atlanta, which includes a full 'turbo system health check' on your VSV's, actuators, pressure tank, and more! We can also set up shipping of your car to and from us.

Shipping is a flat rate of $85 to the lower 48 states. Please select below if you want to ship your turbos to us FIRST for NO core charge, or pay a $650 core charge for us to ship you the GT28R turbos FIRST and then you return your stock turbos within 60 days for a $500 refund.

Available Options:


Add Upgraded Stainless Exhaust M:

Compressor Wheel:

Core Charge:


Wastegate Actuator Type:

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