$99.00 $99.00 SpeedForSale Electronic True Twin Conversion ON/OFF Kit

SpeedForSale Electronic True Twin Conversion ON/OFF Kit

**Installation is easy and only takes 45-75 minutes; installation instructions are located BY CLICKING HERE!**

Our Electronic True Twin Conversion ON/OFF Kit ('E-TTC Kit' for short) was developed/produced by Jeremy Blackwell and allows you to change your Supra's stock twin turbo operation between normal 'sequential' mode and 'parallel/true twin' mode by simply flipping an ON/OFF switch! This modification is great for road racing, racing from a roll, and at the strip (with drag radials) for the following reasons:

-Reduces the chance of bearing/shaft failure in the #2 turbocharger since it's always working instead of going from a near stop to full boost within a few hundred RPM's (which eventually warps the shaft.)
-Provides more power between 3300 and 4300 RPM's, and allows the car to hit peak boost a couple hundred RPM sooner.
-Power delivery is much more smooth, and causes less wheel spin in comparison to standard sequential operation delivering power all at once. It makes your car feel like it has a tiny single turbo on it.
-Gives your exhaust that DEEP throaty sound at idle and at lower RPM's!!
-Looks nice and tasteful mounted on your Supra's dash!

Installation and appearance have also been simplified by running the wires directly to the ECU in comparison to the old method of running wires through the fender and into the engine bay as with most home-made E-TTC kits. This kit uses high quality 3M quick-disconnect male/female spade connectors that also allow you to return your wiring to factory in minutes if you need to! All 6 connections on the back of the switch are first fluxed and soldered to ensure a tight and clean connection, then waterproof silicone is added around the terminals to prevent corrosion and shorting out. The wiring is then covered with heat shrink wrap for a clean installation.

Here's how it works: your second turbo comes online when the stock ECU lets the Intake Air Control Valve's vacuum switching valve (IACV VSV) and Exhaust Gas Control Valve's vacuum switching valve (EGCV VSV) 'see' a constant ground for the circuit. This usually happens around 3700 RPM, which is when your #2 turbo normally comes online. The 'E-TTC Kit' allows you to let the circuit 'see' a constant ground simply by flipping a switch ON, thus making your #2 turbo stay online until you flip the switch back OFF!

Installation is easy and only takes 45-75 minutes or so; installation instructions are located BY CLICKING HERE!

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