$119.00 $119.00 SpeedForSale Boost Cut Control Device (BCCD)

SpeedForSale Boost Cut Control Device (BCCD)


Installation instructions are the same as the discontinued BCC, which can be found BY CLICKING HERE! We developed this SpeedForSale Boost Cut Control Device, or BCCD for short, to allow the 1993-up Supra Turbo to run over 14.7psi of boost without hitting fuel cut. Unlike other boost cut control devices that are either discontinued or skew voltage output (and thus can affect other systems that reference the stock MAP sensor for operation,) our BCCD allows the voltage to pass through undisturbed until it hits the predetermined 4.1V or 4.3V. Then, it caps and holds the voltage at 4.1 or 4.3V. This allows all of your Supra's factory systems such as 9-12V fuel pump operation, turbocharger transition and pre-spool, and other things to operate like normal, but will still allow the car to run over 14.7psi of boost without fuel cut! Some additional features include:

  • We recommend soldering these in, and therefore do not include any crimp connectors.
  • The instructions are the EXACT same as other boost and fuel cut controllers for the MKIV Supra Turbo, as our BCCD even has the same color wires as other popular boost cut controllers.
  • Very compact 1.35" x 1.35" x 0.58" case makes installing it a breeze.
  • NOTE: If you are installing this on a JDM Supra or other speed density based ECU which does NOT use a Mass Air Flow meter from the factory, then the BCCD will start leaning out the air/fuel mixture over whatever voltage/boost you cap the voltage at.  While this seems to be safe for boost levels up to 17-18psi, we definitely recommend that you install a wideband oxygen sensor to monitor the air/fuel ratio!  If the air/fuels are too lean, then you will need some sort of piggyback fuel injector controller such as E-Manage, AEM FIC, or similar to increase fuel above the voltage cap.

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