$179.00 S4S WaterNeck modified for Single Turbo

S4S WaterNeck modified for Single Turbo

This is another EXCLUSIVE item that we offer! If you have a 1993-98 Supra and have upgraded your turbo(s), this SpeedForSale WaterNeck is the perfect solution for those of you who do not want to worry about either putting caps or a recirculated hose on the two male barbed nipples that act as the stock twin turbo coolant returns only to have them rip, come off, or crack and leak as more time and mileage pass! This package also includes NEW OEM Toyota O-rings and gasket. We do this to all Supras that we modify here with turbo upgrades, so we decided to offer them to the public either outright. We will also offer you $25 shipped for your old waterneck if you would like to mail it back to us so you have NO down time!

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