$290.00 S4S 160A Alternator, Cast Finish (Limited Warranty)

[160A cast al]
S4S 160A Alternator, Cast Finish (Limited Warranty)

Here is one of the only alternator upgrades for the Supra! Why pay $100+ more for a unit with less amperage output or $300+ more for one with only 15A more output?!

We are the exclusive distributor of these newly made direct bolt-on alternators for the Supra. These alternators are BRAND NEW (not remanufactured) and come with a one year limited warranty. They put out 160A peak above ~2000RPM, and 120A at idle, ensuring that your Supra's aftermarket electrical upgrades have plenty of power so they can do their job properly. It utilizes the factory drive/serpentine belt, so there is no need to buy a longer/shorter belt like with other performance alternators! If the alternator goes bad outside of the warranty period, we offer a rebuild service for only $170 for the life of the alternator! This unit is also available in mirror polished finish for $475, which you can find elsewhere in our store.

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