$695.00 $695.00 RacingBrake Supra Two-piece Open Slot Front Brake Rotors (Pair)

RacingBrake Supra Two-piece Open Slot Front Brake Rotors (Pair)

Size: 322x30mm rotors

Weight Comparison
OE One-Piece: 21.0 lbs.
RB Two-piece: 15.9 lbs.
Weight Savings: 5.1 lbs.

These two-piece rotors were engineered to be the best stock replacement two-piece rotor on the performance market. This rotor is direct bolt-on, easy to install, no additional hardware needed, and an excellent upgrade for both street and track. They can deliver consistent brake torque under extreme heat, session after session. When it comes to replacement - operating cost over the time will be lower than one-piece rotor.

This link will show you the many unique and patented features of RacingBrake’s 2-Piece Open Slot rotors which make them better than the competition:

Also, this link shows a comparison of RacingBrake’s design compared to most other brands:

RB rotors are made of harder iron than OE rotors. Our rotors are most compatible with semi-metallic brake pads. We do not recommend the use of ceramic brake pads, which may cause vibration.

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