$4,600.00 $4,550.00 PGS Transmissions Toyota R154 Gearsets

PGS Transmissions Toyota R154 Gearsets

**** Price includes $650 Charge For In-House Installation, Which is Required ****

PGS Transmissions has been a leader in niche transmission gearset production, using quality components at fantastic prices. Their greatest restriction has been their requirement to assemble their products in house preventing worldwide growth of their gearsets. With the Toyota R154 transmission parts supplies becoming limited, PGS has stepped in with an upgraded gearset assembly. To help address the other shortcomings of the R154, PGS offers a complete hybrid billet fork set with lifetime warranty for each gearset, as well as upgraded 1st gear thrust washers.  Pictures are of the Dog engagement gearset.

We are very pleased to announce that the PGS gearsets are now available to North American customers without having to ship their transmissions overseas. Installation is handled in our facility, where they will be thoroughly inspected and cleaned before assembly. If the transmission is to be used in a swap vehicle, extended shifter housings can be fitted.

**** Please choose what type of engagement from the drop-down menu

**** Custom gear ratios also available! Cost of an additional $300 per gear (5 custom gear ratios is $1500) call us to discuss ratios and to add them to your order! ****

Available Options:

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