$6,043.00 Moton Motorsport Coilover Kit for Supra (2 Way, 3 Way & 4 Way)

Moton Motorsport Coilover Kit for Supra (2 Way, 3 Way & 4 Way)

All Motorsport sets come include spring hardware and mounting bushings, exclude springs (spring hardware available for 2,25", 60 mm and 2,5" springs).

Unlike many other coilovers, Moton always stays in the lead of suspension technology in which the dampers do not require as much maintenance as the others. Generally speaking, a kit from Moton 10 years will act the same way you bought it the first day while most others will fail less than 5 years.

Feature Advantage Benefit

Monotube design
with separate reservoir

Better heat distribution, large main piston for quick response

Easy to adjust, bump and rebound adjusters can be placed in same spot for quick adjustments without taking the wheels off car. Easy to change springs especially on McPherson struts.

Large piston rod diameter for more fluid
Much better low speed damper control Damper responds to the slightest movement of the suspension. Each single click on the adjusters is noticeable to the driver

Adjustable Gas Pressure Added lifting force, able to run softer springs without bump stops or packers Stabilizes platform when cornering, pitch and squat control without the use of stiff springs. Smoother over bumps and more traction due to softer springs Adjustable between (6-20 bar) (100 – 350 psi)

Blow off valve system Blows off at big impacts Very smooth over Curb stones, car is easy to control. saves drive shafts, wheel bearings etc.

Rebound adjuster closing off Precise and repeatable Each change is noticeable to the driver when adjusting orifices the rebound adjuster

Non preloaded valve stack Smoother response without becoming harsh Better tyre wear, tyre temperatures and traction

General Design No revalves needed due to
large adjustment range,
proven reliability, easy to work with, very responsive to any adjustment change, no service and oil change needed during racing season
Cost effective and more time for other issues during racing weekends

2 way adjustable

Separate Bump (15 positions) and Rebound adjustment range (16 pos.) Very easy to work with, each click noticeable to the driver, repeatable, revalvable, wide adjustment range

3 way adjustable Extra Low speed bump adjustable
HSB (15 pos.)
LSB (6 pos.) Rebound (16 pos.)
Separate control in Low speed bump for Turn in, squat en pitch control

4 way adjustable Extra Low Speed rebound adj.
HSB (15 pos.) LSB (6 pos.)
HSR (15 pos.) LSR (10 pos.)
Separate control in Low speed rebound and High speed rebound

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