$899.00 Hybrid GT2 Intercooler Kit, polished panel, coolant tank

Hybrid GT2 Intercooler Kit, polished panel, coolant tank
This kit includes an OEM Toyota mini-coolant overflow tank and a Titan Motorsports polished upper radiator panel. It requires the use of an aftermarket air filter, as the #1 intercooler pipe interferes with the stock air box. The size of the intercooler is 80mm thick x 780mm wide x 290mm high. Rated for up to 800 horsepower.

After years of manufacturing intercoolers and multiple revisions, Hybrid is proud to announce a revolution in intercooler design and technology. The GT2 intercooler offers a strong extruded tube and fin core with 16 rows for maximum flow and cooling efficiency. Our latest design incorporates transverse aero dynamic offset fins. This allows air to directionally pass between the fins to improve cooling plus allows plenty of air to reach the Supra’s radiator. The tubes also incorporate internal fins to further improve cooling efficiency.

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