$180.00 HKS Top Feed Fuel Injector 680cc

[HKS 1402-RZ002]
HKS Top Feed Fuel Injector 680cc
Note: Price is per injector

HKS Injectors are precision units engineered to deliver the fuel needed on high-performance applications. When an engine’s horsepower is limited by the factory fuel injectors, larger HKS Injectors can be used in addition to or to replace the factory injectors. As boost pressure is increased on forced induction vehicles, the amount of boost that can ultimately be used is limited by the constraints of the engine and injector capacity. When OEM injectors reach their maximum capacity, they can no longer flow any additional fuel for higher boost levels; Therefore larger primary injectors can be installed in the factory location and be controlled by an injector upgrade specific program of the F-CON iS or F-Con VPro system. HKS injectors range in size from 480 to 1000cc and are available in top feed or side feed. Rail type injectors are used on the factory fuel rails or on vehicle specific, HKS fuel rail upgrade kits or AIC Pipe kits. HKS injector harnesses and other miscellaneous injector hardware and fittings are also available for custom applications.

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