$937.88 HKS A/F-knock amp, AFK

HKS A/F-knock amp, AFK

Redesigned for 2008, the all new generation of the A/F Knock Amp, known as the AFK, now includes a new HKS AF sensor where the air/fuel ratio can be monitored accurately on the display. The AFK can now monitor and display dual A/F readings with the purchase of an additional AF sensor. The redesign of the new AFK features a sleek black case with a clear acrylic faceplate and a positive lit LCD offering a sophisticated look to match the new EVC.

The HKS AFK is an electronic monitoring device that displays two of the most vital engine conditions; engine knock and air/fuel ratio. Knock occurs when there is abnormal engine combustion, known as detonation, caused by a combination of improper A/F ratios and ignition spark. This can rob power, reduce engine longevity and even lead to catastrophic failure. The A/F Knock Amp utilizes the factory knock sensor allowing you to monitor, in real time, engine knock visually and audibly via headphones (not included). A warning function can be set for both engine knock and air/fuel ratio where an audible alert sounds if the preset warning is reached.

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