$897.00 Garage Whifbitz 5in Supra Intercooler Kit

Garage Whifbitz 5in Supra Intercooler Kit

Garage Whifbitz 5" Supra front mount intercooler kit. Capable of flowing over 1200bhp, if you want no restrictions on your Supra and you're aiming for big power this is the intercooler for you. 

Core is super efficient tube and fin design using cast end tanks with 3" inlet and outlet. 

Comes with 3" polished aluminium intercooler pipes to connect to single turbo cars, intercooler pipes to connect to the stock inlet manifold, blue silicon hoses, polished aluminium header tank, stainless steel clamps, brackets, nuts/bolts to mount on the car. 

Please note the single turbo intercooler pipe might need adjusting to fit certain turbo kits depending on turbo positioning.


*** Item ships direct from the UK ***

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