$1,690.00 $1,690.00 BNR USDM Stock Twin Turbo Rebuild & Compressor Wheel upgrade

BNR USDM Stock Twin Turbo Rebuild & Compressor Wheel upgrade

This upgrade will offer a slightly more power and increased life span compared to a stock turbocharger. However, just like the original stock turbos we suggest that for long term reliability reasons to not run these turbos at a boost level higher than 18psi.

This rebuild service does the following to your Supra's stock USDM twin turbochargers:
1. rebalance the shaft to a tolerance six times more strict that stock specification
2. install custom bronze thrust bearing with 20% larger oil passage
3. install WRX TD04 compressor wheels

Your stock turbochargers are REQUIRED for this process, and we do not offer a core charge or exchange program on them. They must be in rebuildable condition with no damage to the housings.

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