$1,899.00 $1,899.00 BNR JDM GT28 Style Hybrid Stock Twin Turbo Upgrade

BNR JDM GT28 Style Hybrid Stock Twin Turbo Upgrade

UPDATE July 26, 2012: These turbochargers now feature the same V3.0 compressor wheel as the new style USDM GT28 turbos. However, since the JDM version has a carbon seal, we do not recommend running them over 28-30 psi of boost.

UPDATE: April 2010: These turbos now feature a STANDARD 360 degree thrust bearing at no extra charge, which reduces oil starvation at boost levels over ~20psi. ALSO, UNLIKE ANY OTHER TURBO KIT ON THE MARKET, THESE INCLUDE A ONE YEAR UNLIMITED MILEAGE WARRANTY!

These are similar to our USDM GT28 Hybrid turbos found BY CLICKING HERE, however these use a remanufactured and rebalanced center section/shaft instead of the GT28 center section. Thus, there is no 'installation kit' required with this kit, and you simply re-use all stock oil and coolant feed/return lines. This is why the price is lower than the USDM kit that includes an 'installation kit' with new -AN oil/coolant lines and various fittings and adapters. The turbine wheel shaft is aftermarket and to stock spec and is MUCH more durable than the stock ceramic wheel. The turbine wheel head is made of inconel instead of ceramic. All of weak points and bottlenecks on the factory shaft have been improved. The rotating assemblies are balanced to within 0.5 g/in2, which is over six times more strict than factory. These JDM Hybrids use machined stock compressor and turbine housings to accommodate a larger GT28 compressor wheel and a custom spec turbine wheel that is very similar to the standard GT28 turbine wheel. So, with this upgrade you can now push your JDM turbos MUCH harder than when they were stock without worry of them exploding the ceramic turbine wheel! The 360 degree thrust bearing helps eliminate oil starvation that happens with the stock 270 degree thrust bearing at high shaft/wheel speeds when running 20+ psi of boost.

Shipping is a flat rate of $75 to the lower 48 states. Please select below if you want to ship your turbos to us FIRST for NO core charge, or pay a $650 core charge for us to ship you the JDM Hybrid turbos FIRST and then you return your stock turbos within 60 days for a $500 refund. Your core turbos must be rebuildable with no damage to the housings.

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