$291.60 B&M Transmission Cooler

B&M Transmission Cooler

Keeping fluid temperatures down is a really great way to minimize wear and tear, and to prolong the life of expensive powertrain components. One of the best ways to give your engine and transmission that protection is with B&M's fan-equipped Hi-Tek SuperCoolers. These efficient coolers are built with B&M's favored fin-and-plate construction to handle tough cooling jobs, and they have built-in mounting brackets to make installation easier. On top of that, they're fitted with high-quality, 12 V, high-flow fans that are controlled by a thermal switch, which activates them automatically when fluid temperatures reach specified levels. These rugged coolers are pressure-tested to 200 psi and can be used on RVs, race cars, and high performance street vehicles.


  • Overall Height (in): 10.000 in.
  • Overall Width (in): 7.500 in.
  • Overall Thickness (in) 4.000 in.
  • Cooler Construction: Plate
  • Cooler Material: Aluminum
  • Fan Quantity: Single
  • Maximum Fan CFM: 350 cfm
  • Fan Diameter (in): 7.000 in.
  • Inlet Size: 1/2 in. NPT
  • Inlet Attachment: Female threads
  • Outlet Size: 1/2 in. NPT
  • Outlet Attachment: Female threads
  • Number of Cooling Rows: 1
  • Core Height (in): 8.500 in.
  • Core Width (in): 6.500 in.
  • Core Thickness (in): 1.500 in.
  • Cooler Finish: Black painted
  • Notes: Includes 175 degree thermostat.

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