$187.00 Blitz Super Sound Blow Off Valve VD (Universal)

Blitz Super Sound Blow Off Valve VD (Universal)

The Blow Off Valve is essential to all turbocharged vehicles. The purposes of BLITZ Blow Off Valve VD is to relieve compressor surge without reducing compressor speed. It controls boost pressure that is built up by the turbo and vents it into the atmosphere (some are recirculate) when the car is not under load (in between shifts). This prevents pressure from backing up into the compressor housing, causing the turbo impeller blade to rapidly stop or even worse, to spin backwards (compressor surge or backspin). Doing so can be potentially destructive to the turbine wheel and shaft. Repeated stress over time can cause eminent damage to the turbo charger and eventually lead to turbo failure. A Blow Off Valve is actuated by pressure changes only, ensuring quick valve responses and complete closures at idle. The BLITZ Blow Off Valve not only improves performance and response, but also increases the life of the turbocharger.

  1. Employs the Dual Drive System succeeded from the Super Sound Blow Off Valve DD.
  2. Employs high quality aluminum die-cast for the body.
  3. Ensured heat dissipation radiation by designing the body and funnel with ribs.
  4. Creates a sharp sound by adopting the Venturi effect.
  5. Defric Coated Piston made smooth movement even under dusty conditions. 36mm Diameter Big Valve with Special Rubber Seal ensured an outstanding sealing ability at high boost.
  6. Recirculation Flanges are available at optional in 3 diameter sizes.

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