$149.00 $149.00 Blackwell Glove Box Panel *CUSTOM CUT/SPEC*

Blackwell Glove Box Panel *CUSTOM CUT/SPEC*
The price shown above is for ONE unit mounting solution such as an HKS EVC. Each additional item to be mounted is an additional $40. Over the last few years, we have been making one-offs of these glove box panels on cars we build, and due to popular demand we are now mass producing these top quality laser cut panels in ANY configuration you need! Their fit and finish is so precise that they simply 'snap' into place, using the bottom valley and upper corners of the glove box to easily hold it in place with NO permanent mounting hardware or adhesives to apply! Each panel is custom made to your specifications of which controllers (VPC, S-AFC, boost controller, etc), gauges, switches, or anything else you want mounted.

We can also engrave any designs, logos, switch designations (ON/OFF, Nitrous Armed, etc), or anything else you desire at no extra charge. When engraving, we can either lightly etch the panel so the color is the same as the surface area, or engrave deeper to reveal a white or other background color. We have many different surface and middle layer colors available at no extra cost (see last picture below for a list of color combonations we offer!)

For an extra fee of $60, we can wrap the panel in faux-leather. Also, we offer the panel without our company logo engraved for an extra fee, contact us for details.

After you order, we will contact you with the address to mail your controller head units, gauges, or whatever components you want mounted so we can cut it to fit. Considering these are custom made-to-order, please allow several days for your panel to made and shipped to you.

NOTE: The next-to-last picture below is of one of our old hand-made panels wrapped in faux-leather with a VPC, EVC, and S-AFC2 installed just to give you an idea of what various options might look like!

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