SpeedForSale.com’s Italian Leather Supra E-Brake Boot

E-Brake Boot Installation

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Here are a few pictures of the boot:

1. First, start by removing the panel piece around the shifter and e-brake by removing the ashtray, and gently but firmly pull up on the piece and disconnecting the ashtray light wiring harness. See picture below…

2. Second, unscrew the phillips head screw holding down the e-brake trim cover (see picture below…)

3. Next, lift up on the e-brake trim cover so that the clips holding it down pop out. You should be able to see the entire e-brake at this point (see 3 pictures below…)

4. Now, simply slide the ‘E-brake boot’ over the emergency brake handle and pull down tight so that it is snug and there are no wrinkles in the leather. This is also a good time to put interior protectant (Armor-all, ect) on it. See picture below…

5. Finally, simply re-assemble everything by doing steps 1-3 in reverse order, and you are done!