$2,202.00 Willall WR35TC GR6 Rear Mount Trans Cooler

[Willall WR35TC]
Willall WR35TC GR6 Rear Mount Trans Cooler


Designed to deliver cooler operating temperatures to improve reliability and longevity of the R35 GTR GR6 Transmission, WR35TC is ready to fit your GTR. Pictured is a look at WR35TC from under the car showing the unique high quality billet aircraft aluminum finned sump that works in conjunction with a sophisticated pump and cooling core to achieve the best possible cooling result. Highly engineered and with every consideration put into its design WR35TC the thermostatically controlled promises to reduce transmission operating temperature without the pressure control problems other GR6 cooling system designs have encountered.

NEW RELEASE: WR35TC-F Front Mounted transmission cooler also available. Designed for those that run aftermarket exhaust systems on their R35GTR the front mounted cooler option stops the cooling process being interrupted by heated air from the exhaust system. When GR6 transmission cooling with an aftermarket exhaust make sure you pick the WR35TC-F no cost front mount cooler option on the order form (see WR35TC pictures for actual cooler views).

Coming in each and every WR35TC kit are the following components:

  • Billet Aluminium CNC sump with Willall Racing Transfer
  • Bar and Plate 450mm x 100mm x 75mm cooler core custom end tanks with -6 fittings
  • Braided lines and -6 / JIC high pressure fittings (around 4 feet)
  • Mounting bracket CNC machined from billet aluminum
  • GR6 Cooler transfer Pump assy
  • Wiring harness (front to rear of vehicle from the battery)
  • WR series 200F Temperature switch
  • Replacement fill plug CNC machined
  • Magnet mounts CNC machined with captive O-rings
  • Silicone hose - custom crimp fittings CNC machined
  • P rubber lined Mounting Clamps x 5
  • Intercooler Mounting bracket
  • Mounting bolts x 4
  • Instruction Manual

Testing the WR35TC GR6 Transmission Intercooler correctly was always going to present a challenge, as with fluid handling it's not as simple as 'switch the cooler on its cold', 'turn it off its hot'. Also the car has to be driven HARD, there is no point in taking it easy as the temperature of the transmission is directly proportional to the lap times.

The Willall Racing GTR was tested to the limit of the RE0570 tyres and brakes (Endless pads were used). Our test driver is very quick in the car due to lots of practice and could reasonably argue our 1:17.5 lap pace at the South Australian Mallala circuit is similar to 2:10 or so at a track like VIR. Over 1.5 tanks of fuel were used in the test session showing exactly how hard the GTR was driven.

NOTE: Lap Temperatures recorded are with the warm up and cool down periods removed from the data
Test 1: WR35TC Cooler Status ON

A test to check the outright cooling ability of WR35TC and find the 'stabilise' point of the transmission temperature
Ambient: 75F - Trans Start: 195F
Lap1: 215F
Lap2: 226F
Lap3: 237F
Lap4: 240F
Lap5: 242F
Lap6: 241F

Test 2: WR35TC Cooler Status OFF

With the cooler turned off this is the raw data of temperature build up in the GR6. It gives you an idea of our punishing conditions
Ambient: 75F - Trans Start: 194F
Lap1: 220F
Lap2: 231F
Lap3: 248F
Lap4: 265F
Lap5: 272F

Test 3: WR35TC Recovery OFF and ON

Letting the transmission reach almost critical temperature we then turned the cooler on to check temperature recovery
Ambient: 76F - Trans Start: 181F
Lap 1: 231F
Lap 2: 240F
Lap 3: 252F
Lap 4: 264F
Lap 5: 261F
Lap 6: 255F
Lap 7: 252F
Lap 8: 250F
Lap 9: 249F

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