$1.00 * Twister Built Engine Programs

* Twister Built Engine Programs
Thank you for your interest in the R35 GT-R Twister Engine Packages offered through SpeedForSale. The engine machine work, assembly, and break-in on the VR38DETT engine dyno is backed by our machine shop’s 50 years of drag racing and induction into the NHRA Hall of Fame. They have done developmental work for GM, Mercury Marine, and many other companies, and also supply 2500+ horsepower supercharged V8’s and NASCAR engines to various race teams.

Engine Dyno Testing:
Testing on our engine dyno, which is the first and only one in the world for the VR38DETT, along with engine break in oil/filter, is $990. This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as it allows us to confirm everything operates properly and there are no leaks/etc prior to installing in your GT-R. You can see a video of the engine dyno in action BY CLICKING HERE!

Here are details regarding the three packages offered; Bored and Stroked 4.1-4.45L, Big Bore/Stock Stroke 4.0L, and high revving built 3.8L.

Bored and Stroked 4.1L to 4.45L Package:
Hello, regarding the stroker short block, there are various sizes and options available, which you can find here. The desired displacement will vary based on your intended goals for the car (road racing, drag racing, boost level, RPM level, etc.): http://www.speedforsale.com/nissangtrparts/brian-crower-bc-40l-41l-42l-or-445l-stroker-engine-kit-p-2049.html?cPath=96

Regarding the engine build, the machine work and assembly for a sleeved stroker short block with extra block support for high torque applications, along with fully ported race heads and +1mm oversized valves and also ported and port matched upper intake manifold and lower runners will cost $12,500.

4.0L Big Bore/Stock Stroke Package:
Regarding the Twister Engine build, the machine work and assembly for a sleeved short block with extra block support for high torque applications, along with fully CNC ported race heads and +1mm oversized valves, and also ported and port matched upper intake manifold and lower runners will cost $12,500.

Regarding the pistons, we recommend AMS Alpha Big Bore 4.0L pistons:

Carillo H-beam rods:

3.8L High Revving Package: If this is going to be a built 3.8L and NOT a sleeved stroker, then the price for the work noted above will be $8750.

The 3.8L bore pistons we recommend are CP Forged Aluminum Pistons:

The connecting rods we recommend are Carrillo H-beam rods with CARR bolts:

The 96mm head gasket we recommend is the GReddy 0.8mm gasket:

Regarding the parts for ALL of the three engine size choices shown above, we would recommend the following items:

Complete Ferrea valvetrain shown here:

Regarding the camshafts, we recommend either Kelford Stage 1 for street/road course use, or Kelford Stage 3 for drag race use:

ARP Custom Age 625 Head Studs:

AMS Alpha Main Studs:

OEM Nissan Main Crankshaft Bearings x4 pairs:

OEM Nissan Connecting Rod Bearings x6 pairs:

You will need a new OEM Nissan engine gasket set as well:

Please note that this also requires your core engine to be machined and built, which you must ship to us.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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