$250.00 $199.00 * SpeedForSale's Turbo Timer for R35 GT-R

* SpeedForSale\'s Turbo Timer for R35 GT-R

Patent Pending! Finally, after over two years of fine tuning, 20+ revisions, and road testing, we are very proud to announce our R35 GT-R Specific Turbo Timer! We are also testing this unit on other push button start vehicles, and will release more vehicle specific instructions shortly.

You can find a video we made of the timer in action on GTRLife member rgo808's GT-R BY CLICKING HERE! As you can see, this device has three buttons for time up/pre-set 1, time down/pre-set 2, and power on/off. You can find detailed instructions BY CLICKING HERE, so you can easily install it on your 2008+ R35 Nissan GT-R with basic hand tools and the included.

This Turbo Timer reduces general wear and tear, thermal stress, and oil sludging/coking of a vehicle’s turbochargers (and also engine, supercharger, transmission, and other systems) due to shutting off the engine prematurely when the operating temperatures of any vehicle systems are running higher than normal operating temperature. This is primarily used to help cool down turbochargers to a normal operating temperature after the vehicle has been driven aggressively or is in higher temperature climates than normal.

When the vehicle’s engine is shut off by pushing the ‘Engine Start/Stop Button’, the ‘Turbo Timer’ detects this and makes the engine continue running for a predetermined amount of time. Once the predetermined amount of time has counted down, the ‘Turbo Timer’ shuts the vehicle’s engine off. All vehicle security and/or alarm systems function normally while the vehicle is still running. By making the engine continue running for a predetermined amount of time, oil and/or coolant continue circulating through the engine, turbochargers, supercharger, and/or transmission to cool them down to normal operating temperature prior to shutting off.

While there are similar devices available for older vehicle starting systems with traditional ‘key cylinder’ type ignitions, the only devices currently available for more modern vehicles with ‘push button engine start/stop’ switches are complete stand-alone security and/or ignition/door lock devices. This ‘Turbo Timer’ is the only device available which integrates with all of the vehicle’s factory OEM computers, body control modules, immobilizers, and other electronic systems without the need for secondary or aftermarket remotes, key fobs, or entry devices. This unique operation allows the vehicle to operate normally using all factory OEM key fobs, keyless entry remotes, engine/body control computers, and other security and convenience systems without the requirement of secondary/aftermarket remote controls/fobs or computers, which is what sets it apart from other devices currently on the market.

While some people say that Turbo Timers are not needed for modern vehicles, this is NOT true for any turbocharged vehicles which are driven aggressively, raced, or otherwise experience higher than normal engine oil temperatures. Here is information as shown in the factory OEM GT-R owner's manual as proof of this:

The turbocharger system uses engine oil for lubrication and cooling of its rotating components. The turbocharger turbine turns at extremely high speeds and it can get very hot. It is essential to maintain a supply of oil flowing through the turbocharger system. Therefore, a sudden interruption of oil supply may cause a malfunction in the turbocharger. To ensure prolonged life and performance of the turbocharger, it is essential to perform the following maintenance procedure: - If the engine had been operating at high engine speed for an extended period of time, let it idle for a few minutes prior to shut-down.

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