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* SpeedForSale GT-R Staged Power and Chassis Upgrades
NOTE: Please be sure to check our our 'GT-R Parts Installation Article Series' guides BY CLICKING HERE!

Hey guys. Every day we answer the same question from many GT-R owners: "What is the best performance parts upgrade path to follow so my GT-R will have more reliable power, braking, and handling?"

While this answer is not the same for every single owner due to the intended use for the car (street, road course, drag, etc), we have found that the following 'SpeedForSale Staged Upgrades' list has repeatable and reliable results with no compromises such as boost spikes, lean air/fuel issues, or other undesirable results. We will start by listing the POWER upgrades, and after that we will touch on braking, suspension, transmission, and other modifications. ALSO, please note that Stages 1-6 are intended for retaining STOCK TURBOCHARGERS! So, if you plan on upgrading the turbochargers, you may want to change or exclude some of the Stage 1-6 upgrades such as larger 3" intercooler piping, etc. Now, on to the list:

Item 1: Cobb AccessPORT with TCM (Transmission Control Module) support, which allows you to change launch control settings, adjust clutch touch point (engagement) and capacity (shift firmness) for clutch A and B, perform clutch learning, and more:

(These items do NOT have to be installed all at the same time. You may install them one at a time if you choose, as they will work independently with no problems.)

Item 1: High Flow Exhaust Mid-Pipe (aka Y-pipe or Front Pipe.) You have many choices in stainless steel or titanium, which can be found in our EXHAUST SECTION. But, we recommend our high quality brand of SpeedForSale 90mm Heat-Wrapped mid-pipes in either resonated or non-resonated:
SpeedForSale's Racing 90mm 3.5" NON-resonated Heat Wrapped Mid-Pipe
SpeedForSale's Racing 90mm 3.5" Resonated Heat Wrapped Mid-Pipe

Item 2: High Flow Exhaust Downpipes. PLEASE EMAIL US FOR A FREE CUSTOM TUNE/MAP FOR YOUR AccessPORT THAT WILL TURN OFF THE REAR OXYGEN SENSOR CHECK ENGINE LIGHT (OFF-ROAD USE ONLY.) Again, there are many choices which can be found in our EXHAUST SECTION. But, we recommend our SpeedForSale's Racing Heat Wrapped Downpipes:

Item 3: Boost Logic GT-R OEM-Style 3″ Turbo Inlet Suction Pipes (lower intakes:):

Item 4: Cobb Big SF 3" Cold Air Intakes (upper intakes). These now have an 'off the shelf' base map available on the Cobb AccessPORT, so no custom tune is required!:


GotBoost 3" Upper Intakes:

(This item was made a separate stage due to it's high cost.)

Item 1: Cat-back exhaust system. There are MANY options. The exhaust systems that are a 'Y' design are louder and flow more, but typically are much louder and have more in-cabin resonance and drone. The systems that are the stock type layout ("figure 8") still sound great, but have less resonance and drone. We have developed our own SpeedForSale 100mm mid-pipe and cat-back exhaust system, which is the highest flowing exhaust system on the market and also has options like a dual resonated mid-pipe, heat wrapping, and more. Along with the thick pipe walls, our SpeedForSale 100mm system has the least drone we have heard from any comparable sized system. You can view the system here:

Or, you can view MANY other exhaust system brands we carry by going here:

(We recommend doing all of these modifications at once since they are fairly inexpensive and each require a custom e-tune on the AccessPORT, so it's best to do them all together so you do not have to re-tune the AccessPORT after each individual modification. Stage 1-3 modifications will give very large power gains at low and mid RPM. But, due to the stock wastegate actuators being weak and the exhaust back pressure blowing them open, the boost will hit 16-17psi in the mid-RPM range. At about 5000rpm boost will start falling off to about 13psi by redline. Also, at 17psi above 5500+RPM, the stock fuel injectors will have an excessively high injector duty cycle, which is another limiting factor. Stage 4 modifications will cure this boost drop and fuel starvation issue at high RPM, and will yield VERY large horsepower gains above 5000RPM! Also, the boost controller will allow you to run both high boost and low boost settings, which are adjustable with the turn of a knob. The colder spark plugs will reduce the chances of misfires and detonation at high boost/RPM. Below, you can see a dynograph of a Stage 4 GT-R on 93 octane fuel we built and tuned on a Land and Sea dyno. You will notice that above 5600rpm the horsepower tapered off a bit. This is due to the fact that the car had stock intercoolers, which were heat soaked in the 95 degree heat. Going with Stage 5 upgrades will help eliminate this issue and allow for even more high RPM power!)

Item 1: AAM Competition Heavy Duty Adjustable Wastegate Actuators:

Item 2: HKS Super Fire Racing Spark Plugs #9 (1 heat range colder).  If your car has low miles, the stock spark plugs will work just fine.  But, if your GT-R is older or has higher mileage, it's a great idea to replace the spark plugs just like any other turbo car:

Item 3: Injector Dynamics 1000cc Fuel Injectors, Drop-in GT-R specific:

Item 4: Deatschwerks 65C Drop In Twin Fuel Pump upgrade (no pump housing modification necessary!):

Item 5: Custom Remote eTune (via emailing datalogs and maps back and forth) for AccessPORT that is customized for the modifications mentioned above:

(Stage 1-5 upgrades will completely max out the stock turbochargers' flow and power capabilities. The intercoolers and pipes in Stage 5 are needed to allow the wastegate actuators from Stage 4 to work to their full potential, as without upgraded intercoolers the air intake temperatures at 17-18psi in higher gears on the stock turbos will be high and therefore you must either lower the boost and/or retard the ignition timing advance which will hurt high RPM power. You can see how the power tapers off a bit in the Stage 4 dyno shown above, due to the fact the car had stock intercoolers. Also, the upgraded Blow Off Valves shown below do not leak boost over ~16psi like the stock BOVs do, which means the turbochargers do not have to work as hard (spin as fast) to create 18psi of boost, therefore also keeping the air intake temperatures lower! Below, you will see a dyno graph of our Stage 5 package at 18 psi of boost on 93 octane gasoline:)

Item 1: AMS Front Mount Intercooler (These will help keep the air intake temperatures low and reduce the chance of detonation and power loss due to heat soak, especially during warm weather and sustained high RPM runs):

Item 2: GotBoost 3" Upper and Lower Intercooler pipes for AMS intercooler:

Item 3: Upgraded Blow Off Valves...we recommend Tial QR or GoFastBits Respons TMS kit (please be sure to select the correct BOV flange on the GotBoost Intercooler pipes shown above!)
Tial QR BOV (2x ARE NEEDED!): http://www.speedforsale.com/nissangtrparts/tial-tial-qr-blow-off-valve-universal-p-2676.html?cPath=44
GoFastBits Respons TMS BOV kit (contains 2x in the kit!): http://www.speedforsale.com/nissangtrparts/go-fast-bits-go-fast-bits-respons-tms-bov-kit-for-gtr-p-1779.html?cPath=44

(These cooling upgrades are recommended if you drive the car moderately hard on the street, drag race, road race, or live in a very hot climate. Stage 5 modifications are okay for short bursts on the street. But, for any kind of racing or very high speed runs, extra cooling is needed, which the Stage 6 kit provides. Also, if you plan on going to Stage 7 or beyond, we definitely recommend this stage:)

Item 1: HKS DCT Transmission Fluid cooler kit:

Item 2: Boost Logic Engine Oil Cooler WITHOUT fan (provides less restriction at high speeds than coolers which have fans):

Item 3: Dodson GR6 High Performance Transmission Fluid:

Item 4: Dodson Differential Cooling Scoop:

Item 5: Dodson Low Temperature Engine Thermostat:

(Stage 7 modifications should put your GT-R in the 600-850+ peak all wheel horsepower range depending on supporting modifications, fuel octane, boost level, ambient conditions, and the brand of dyno used.)

Item 1: Twin Turbochargers Upgrade (there are many kits available, and the choice should be made based on your maximum intended power goals. Please contact us for advice):

Item 2: Transmission Strengthening Upgrades (We are a Dodson Certified Pro Dealer, and can help with the installation and build labor. The exact recommend upgrades vary based on power levels, launch control use, and a few other factors. Please contact us for advice):

Item 3: Custom Remote eTune for AccessPORT that is customized for the modifications mentioned above:

Item 4: AAM Complete Fuel System Upgrade without fuel pumps (This is due to the fact you should use Deatschwerks or Aeromotive pumps instead of the Walbros AAM normally includes.) This kit includes Twin fuel rails, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, fuel pressure gauge, twin -6an fuel feed lines, twin fuel filters, and more!):

Item 5: AAM R-MAF Mass air flow meter upgrades:

Item 1: Built short block internals for 3.8L or 4.1L stroker and Ferrea valves (there are multiple options here. Please contact us for advice:

Item 2: Kelford Racing camshafts and valve springs:

Item 3: Cylinder head and intake manifold porting (Price varies depending on extent of work.)

Item 4: Custom Remote eTune for AccessPORT that is customized for the modifications mentioned above:

If you plan on drag racing your GT-R and will be using the original Version 1 launch control (4500rpm with VDC off,) then we advise upgrading at least the 1st Gear gearset in the transmission. We also recommend other internal transmission upgrades such as clutch pistons, seals, gearlocks, heavy duty fluid, clutch baskets, output shaft, and other upgrades that will help prevent failure under extreme abuse:

Don't forget to upgrade your suspension. At least, the Cobb or Stillen Anti-Sway Bars are recommended to help change the GT-R's handling stance through the corners from understeer to a more neutral balance. You can also upgrade to a good set of coilovers such as KW or JRZ if you want to take your GT-R's handling to the next level of adjustability:


Regarding the brake system, please look over our GT-R Brake Weights Comparison guide BY CLICKING HERE! We offer the following three primary brake packages for heavy road racing, light road racing, and street driven GT-R owners:
The BEST brake kit currently made for the GT-R is Alcon's Super Kit Big Brake System (6-piston 15.75" front/4-piston 15.16"rear,) which we have IN STOCK and are the exclusive North American importer:

Road course driven GT-R's will quickly find the holes on the stock rotors WILL start to crack after some track use and they will need to be replaced. Stock brake rotors and pads are a very high price with only average performance. So, for a lower cost, you can upgrade your GT-R's braking system to the most popular complete braking package on the market for the GT-R:

Daily driven GT-R owners will find that the stock brake pads squeal at very low speeds, and also create a lot of brake dusts. Again, the stock brake rotors and pads are very expensive and only provide moderate braking ability. So, we have put together a brake package that is quiet, has no more dust than factory, and also performs better than the stock brake pads:

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