$150.00 $135.00 *SpeedForSale C5 Corvette Button Press Simulator, PATENT PENDING

*SpeedForSale C5 Corvette Button Press Simulator, PATENT PENDING

Ready to ship!  It includes enough wiring to connect the device if mounted in the driver's arm rest console.

You can see a video and audio file of the ‘Button Press Simulator’ device installed and working on a 1997 Chevrolet Corvette by going to this link:


Hi everyone, this is Jeremy Blackwell, owner of SpeedForSale.  I own a built C5 Corvette, and grew tired of having to turn off traction control and clear the Driver Information Center messages for disabled trouble codes (MAF fail, TPMS malfuction, etc) EVERY TIME I started the car.  I searched the Corvette forums and found threads asking about a way to resolve this hassle, with no solutions.  Since our company makes various proprietary electronic devices for the GT-R, Supra, and other cars, I decided to start researching a way to make a device for the C5 Covette (and C6 coming soon) to automate this process for me.  After months of testing and tweaking, here it is!

Please excuse the 'legal-ese' shown below, as it is a modified version of our patent application, but gets right to the point.

This device is best described as ‘An Electronic Device Which Simulates Various Buttons in the Cockpit Being Pressed in a Certain Order After Detecting That a Vehicle’s Engine Has Been Started’ (hereinafter called ‘Button Press Simulator’).  The purpose of this device is to save the vehicle operator time and hassle by automating various electrical functions inside the vehicle cockpit/cabin area once the vehicle’s engine has started, such as turning off traction control, clearing the Driver Information Center messages (TPMS malfunction, traction control off, ‘service vehicle soon’ type messages, etc), and other functions. 

An example would be if a driver has a 1997 Chevrolet Corvette at a road course for a high performance driving event, and the Corvette is heavily modified and also needs to have the traction control turned off for maximum performance.  To turn off the Traction Control the driver would normally have to start the car, press the Traction Control button once to disable Traction Control, and then press the Reset Button near the gauge cluster to clear/remove the ‘Traction Control Off’ message which is shown in the Driver Information Center display located just below the gauge cluster.  If the vehicle has race wheels and tires install, then the OEM Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors (hereinafter TPMS) may not be installed and will cause a message saying ‘TPMS Malfunction’ to be shown in the Driver Information Center display, which must be cleared by pressing the Reset button yet again.  These are just a few of the functions which are automated by the ‘Button Press Simulator’, thus saving the driver time and hassle.

Here is the installation guide for this device:



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