$3,150.00 *SpeedForSale 102mm 4" Mid-pipe and Cat-back Exhaust (USA made)

*SpeedForSale 102mm 4\" Mid-pipe and Cat-back Exhaust (USA made)

To see and hear this exhaust on a YouTube video, please check these links:
VIDEO 1 (please note that VIDEO 1 shows the old test tips, NOT the actual production tips as shown in the pictures below!)

  • Available options included dual resonated, NON-resonated, or dual catalytic midpipe, mufflered or NON-mufflered Cat-back, and more. You can see pictures below. (Select your choices in the OPTIONS menu below.)
  • Bolts up to any GT-R downpipes
  • Made in the USA (Atlanta). These are made to order and typically take 1-2 weeks to build. Please inquire with any questions.
  • Optional heat wrapping of the mid-pipe and intermediate pipe using DEI Heat Wrap with LR technology is also available. You can see a picture of the heat wrapping in one of the pictures below. Please choose below.
  • 304 Stainless steel with high quality TIG welds. Thick gauge stainless steel helps prevent interior drone and resonance, yet the entire system weighs LESS than the stock mid-pipe and cat-back exhaust system!
  • All V-band flanges and connectors except the mid-pipe's front pipes which are the standard 2-bolt flanges to connect to any GT-R downpipes.
  • The mid-pipe has dual 75mm 3" pipes connecting to the downpipes, each with a flex section. These two pipes merge into a massive 102mm 4" single pipe which connects to the Cat-back exhaust section via V-band flanges and connectors for a smooth exhaust flow transition, quick and easy installation/removal, and more ground clearance than a standard 4 bolt flange. The mid-pipe comes standard as NON-resonated, but we also offer optional dual resonators or dual high flow catalytic convertors (please see below for options.)
  • The Cat-back exhaust section has a 102mm 4" intermediate pipe which splits out into dual 75mm 3" pipes going to the high quality mufflers. After the mufflers, each pipe splits out again into two more 75mm 3" pipes leading to each exhaust tip.
  • Four 125mm 5" slant cut and polished exhaust tips. They are adjustable in terms of mounting depth and clocking/rotation, so you can choose how far out they stick and which way the slant cut tips are rotated! This means that you can clock them sideways so that they follow the angle/slant of the OEM rear lip of the GT-R just like the stock tips do, or clock them at another angle for a unique look.

Here is a public review from one of our clients who purchased this system in the NON-resonated mid-pipe and NON-mufflered configuration, who mentioned there is no drone when cruising on the highway! GTRLife forum


Available Options:

Mid-Pipe Configuration:

Cat-back configuration:

DEI Heat Wrap Installed on Mid-p:

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