$250.00 Mechman GT-R Performance Alternator

Mechman GT-R Performance Alternator

*** SpeedForSale is the exclusive dealer for this part!  You must either ship in your core alternator, purchase a new one, or pay a core fee with 80% refundable upon return of a good condition used core (Please select below).   Also, a longer serpentine / drive belt is required.  We offer a high quality Dayco belt, which you can select using the menu below!**

Standard Street/Strip Option: This is the best “all around setup” for a vehicle that still needs good charging at idle RPM, along with good cooling for a fully optioned street vehicle.  The reduced pulley weight and reduced pulley ratio will result in about a 3HP savings.  This alternator will also be more durable than the stock unit if the engine has been tuned to operate at higher than stock engine redline RPM.  

- Custom machined under-drive pulley

- Low drag premium bearings

- Fully assembled

Full-Race Option: This is the option would be for a road or drag race car that does not require good output at engine idle RPM.  This option includes all of the above modifications listed for the street/ strip version (lightweight underdrive pulley, etc), as well as lightening the rotor mass, machining down the cooling fan blades for less rotating resistance, and reducing the field strength to further reduce rotating resistance.  HP savings will be about 6 HP at high RPM, plus the engine will rev faster due to the reduced rotating mass and fan resistance.  Durability at high RPM will also be much better than stock.

Note: This option results in the output of the alternator at cruising speeds being reduced from 150 amps to 100 amps, which is still usually plenty of amperage for a race car, but is not recommended for street cars.

High Output 250 amp Option: This option does not result in any horsepower savings, however it is recommended for a show car or vehicle with a  sizable audio system in it, or a vehicle with air/water intercooler pumps, or any other high-draw items. Instead of an under drive pulley, this unit receives a lightweight overdrive (smaller diameter) pulley on it to maximize output at engine idle speeds.  This unit is not recommended for vehicles exceeding the stock engine redline RPM

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