$189.00 Gotboost Performance GT-R Flex Fuel Cable

Gotboost Performance GT-R Flex Fuel Cable

The GT-R’s only “Smart Flex Fuel” cable. This drastically different and innovative approach to a GT-R Flex Fuel upgrade combines an integrated Ethanol Content Analyzer micro-controller embedded directly in the wiring harness between the Ethanol Content Sensor and the car’s factory engine bay harness. This exclusive discrete setup eliminates the cumbersome and time consuming need to wire up 3rd party content analyzers which are not suited for engine bay installations and are often installed out of view in the cabin, negating the immediate benefits of their display screen. Now Cobb and Ecutek displays ethanol content on either the AP with Cobb or the MFD screen with Ecutek.

When installed with the included Super-Bright LED warning indicator, the Smart Flex Fuel system provides unparalleled feedback to tuners and drivers about sensor and fuel conditions.


Built with NEW factory and OEM proper connectors, this harness installs directly into both content sensor and engine bay harness connectors without the need to cut or splice any wires.

Here’s why the GotBoost Performance Smart Flex Fuel cable is the way to go:

  • 100% Weatherproof construction.
  • Use of premium high thermal efficiency electronics resin for engine bay installation.
  • OEM and Factory harness connectors for direct connect installation
  • Manufactured with highest spec SAE J-1128 automotive wiring
  • High quality MADE IN USA circuit board, and electronic components. ROHS compliant.
  • Additional I/O on 3rd connector for forward compatibility with various engine management platforms
  • Unmatched sensor and fuel feedback via Super-Bright LED warning indicator


About the Super-Bright LED warning indicator:

Included with the Smart Flex Fuel system, this highly visible, grommet mounted, LED indicator provides a series of easy to understand feedback codes to insure drivers and tuners have realtime fuel information. While other third party Ethanol Content Analyzers offer a single generic sensor error, the Smart Flex Fuel has both permanent and transient blink codes for both sensor and fuel quality parameters that require immediate attention, including:


  • Sensor disconnected (1 blink/s transient) 0% Ethanol reported
  • Sensor failed self diagnostic (4 blink/s transient) 0% Ethanol reported
  • Fuel Water contamination (Permanent Light) 100% Ethanol reported
  • Engine start up Ethanol Content Report (1 blink per 10% ethanol, rounded up. eg: 0% ethanol = 1 blink, 85% ethanol = 9 blink)**
  • High Fuel Temp Warning (Quick double-blink, transient)**


Also included in the Smart Flex Fuel system is a 3rd I/O connector to provide additional output compatibility. All in all the system provides the following 6 wires:
1. Vcc (+12VDC)
2. Ground
3. LED driver (Ground)
4. 5V conditioned PWM output (for 3rd party engine management with PWM input capability)
5. 0-5V Analog output Ethanol Content
6. 0-5V Analog output Fuel Temperature Sensor

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Driver Side:

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