$535.00 Endless N45S Racing Compound Front Brake Pads

Endless N45S Racing Compound Front Brake Pads

In addition to dominating the Japanese domestic racing scene, Endless is also fiercely competitive within many worldwide motorsports categories. Developmental feedback and ultimately high praise from various motorsport categories has enabled the release of a highly-regarded selection of race compounds to the public domain of race-oriented end-users. When compared to professional race machines in terms of weight and brake cooling capabilities, braking for tuned cars within the amateur race realm can potentially be more strenuous and demanding. Due to these conditions, we've released our professional racing compounds to the public in order to facilitate performance needs on the track. Brief descriptions of popular race compounds available to the public are listed below.

!! Caution !! Endless racing compounds require special bedding procedures. Some compounds are intended strictly for track use. Please read all information prior to use:

  • Although certain race compounds may be effective at low temperatures, some race compounds cannot be recommended for street use due to aggressive rotor wear.
  • The racing compounds offered here are identical to those supplied to the various worldwide race categories and therefore, any changes to compounds within those categories will also constitute the same changes being made to the publicly offered race compounds.
  • For high-temperature range brake pads to perform on the circuit, a specific bedding procedure is necessary and involves a specific method of heating up the pad.
  • Bedding is absolutely necessary in all cases and forms of racing in order to maintain optimal rotor life, stable wear conditions, and consistent performance characteristics at high temperatures.

How to bed Endless race compounds:

Using 70 - 80% pedal pressure, gradually bring the rotor temperature to 400 - 500ºC. Ensure that the rotor temperature cools to below 100ºC before hard use. We do NOT recommend braking while accelerating in an attempt to reach the required temperature level.

Braking Style Definitions:
Standard: Optimal brake control based upon direct pedal pressure before corner entry
Trail-Braking: Optimal brake control based upon trail-braking.
Dual-Type: Both Standard and Trail-Braking control.

N45S Compound
Exhibits immediate, high levels of friction with little pedal effort resulting in a quick reacting car that maintains good modulation. Used in all Japan Rally Championship cars without brake boosters.

Category Compound Material Braking Style Mu Level Recommended Conditions
Aggressive Street / Track S55G Semi-Metallic Standard 0.28~0.33 Sprint Race
Aggressive Street / Track ME22 Semi-Metallic Dual 0.33~0.38 Lightweight to Midweight Cars
Aggressive Street / Track ME20 Semi-Metallic Trail-Braking 0.35~0.40 Midweight to Heavyweight Cars
Track Only N03W Semi-Metallic Trail-Braking 0.35~0.40 Lightweight to Midweight Cars
Track Only N35S Semi-Metallic Trail-Braking 0.40~0.48 Midweight Cars
Track Only N40S Semi-Metallic Trail-Braking 0.45~0.52 Midweight to Heavyweight Cars
Track Only N45S Semi-Metallic Trail-Braking 0.50~0.60 Heavyweight Cars
Track Only W003 Semi-Metallic Trail-Braking 0.40~0.45 Midweight to Heavyweight Cars
Endurance Racing MA45B Semi-Metallic Standard 0.30~0.35 Endurance Races
Endurance Racing Sintered Compounds Sintered Metal Alloy Standard 0.24~0.34 Endurance Races

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