$13,333.00 Dymag Carbon Magnesium Wheels

Dymag Carbon Magnesium Wheels

Thse wheels come standard for the GTR in 20"x9.5" (around 19 pounds) in the front and 20"x11" (20 pound weight) in the rear, but 19in wheels will be available upon request.

  • Each DYMAG wheel is made up of a Carbon Fibre rim and Magnesium centre.
  • The Centre and Magnesium rim are attached via special attachment bolt & sealing system.
  • The Centre can be colour coded to match or contrast the vehicle.
  • Carbon Rims are fabricated using solid metal moulds in a unique Dymag developed process, this ensures:

    (1) - continuous close tolerances of accuracy direct from the tooling.
    (2) - high quality, durable finish which is resistant to brake dust, salt, ultra violet and corrosion.
  • Carbon Fibre in this form is not only very strong, but is also resistant to shock.
  • The low weight but high stiffness of carbon Fibre rims produces a very light weight rim to wheel ratio, significantly reducing the moment of inertia and drastically reducing the amount of power required to start, stop, & turn the vehicle.
  • The effect of carbon/magnesium wheels when fitted to the car is to reduce the gyroscope effect of the wheel and ultimately producing the following effects:
1. Improved acceleration
2. Improved braking, reduced stopping distance
3. Greater fuel efficiency
4. Lighter, sharper steering
5. Allows for softer damper settings giving more tire contact & therefore better grip.
6. Tire temperatures are more stable.
7. Improved wheel & tire balancing.
8. Reduced rim weight has the effect of at least 5 times the static weight reduction.

The performance gain achieved by reducing the wheel mass (Un-sprung Mass) can be quantified using a factor of six. This means that to achieve the same performance gain by reducing the body mass, it is necessary to remove six times the wheel weight saving.


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