$4,454.95 AMS Alpha GT-R Cooling System

AMS Alpha GT-R Cooling System
The GT-R’s engine and transmission share the same cooling system. Thus, prolonged or adverse driving conditions may cause components in the engine or transmission to overheat. This will ultimately cause the GT-R to fall into limp mode or shut down. As a solution, AMS engineers have spent the past year testing and developing a state-of-the art cooling solution for your R35 GT-R.

The Alpha GT-R Cooling System upgrades the R35 GT-R’s current engine cooling system with a quality race spec radiator and adds an extremely efficient transmission cooler and in-line oil cooler. Our engineers designed a higher volume radiator that routes coolant to both engine and transmission coolers. Another key component is the high volume liquid-to-liquid transmission cooler. The cylindrical design of the heat exchanger within the cooler maximizes contact area between coolant and transmission fluid through thousands of heat dissipating fins. This design offers 20% more cooling efficiency than a traditional style radiator cooler.

Excessive heat can cause oil to break down. To ensure the oil within your GT-R’s engine maintains its necessary lubricating properties, we integrated an in-line oil cooler to provide support to the stock oil cooler. Using the driver’s side duct next to the intercooler shroud, we nearly double the frontal area exposed to cool dense outside air - drastically reducing oil temperatures prior to it returning to the engine.

Regardless of what type of performance modifications you have, hard driving or warm climate conditions will cause your GT-R to run hot. You’ll need the Alpha GT-R Cooling System to keep your operating temperatures down, prevent limp mode conditions and eliminate the possibility of catastrophic engine or transmission failure.

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