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Default options for the gtr, order info, and some facts

I am doing this from home so I don't have all my numbers with me but there is going to be 2 different wheel and tire packages. The car come with the tinted bronze wheel with summer tires (bridgestone). If you get the cold weather package you get a wheel that is polished and an all weather tire ( dunlop )

The ipod converter is 360 dollars
Carpeted GTR mats are 280 dollars

The Super silver is a 3000 dollar option while the other colors are no charge.

I have been allocated 7 GTR's total 6 based on sales and Z sales and 1 extra because we are an NREDI store. That meens that we have updated to Nissans new look. Nissan dealers that are NREDI and have a certified GTR tech will get first available cars and have priority delivery.

Nissan still doesn't know how much it will cost to deliver the vehichles, so that will have to be added to the msrp.

We are selling ares for 10k over msrp. There are other local dealer asking 20k over sticker and a dealer who got 1 that sold his for 9k over. We realize that if you shop hard enough you may find one for less but with the high demand and the ultimate cost to be a GTR dealer we fealt that anything more than that would be gouging. Most of are customers have been real happy with this and some even said they would pay more if they could get moved to the front of the line. We denied that offer and stuck with our original agreements with customers.

While I'm not the expert as a dealer I would be happy to answer any question or give a reasonable answer to curiosity.
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