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Default Need help picking wheel size. 20s or 21s?

Hey guys. I've been debating back and forth for the passed 3 weeks. I need to pick a wheel soon to get ready for HIN in March. Here is my dilema. For now I mainly use the GTR for DD and going to be in a couple of shows for 2009. Going to track couple years later. So I'm debating if I should go with 20s or 21s. These are the ones I'm debating on. I know if I go bigger (21s) I will lose some performance. Which is the reason I'm more towards sticking with the 20s. I only like mesh wheels. As far as color I'm going with brush with chrome lip on any of these wheels. I know 20s looks a tad bit small, 21s looks perfect, and 22s are kinda too big. Here are my choices... need your opinions.

1. 20s HRE C90


2. 21s iforged Emotion

3. 21s iforged Seneka

4. 21s ifoged Essen

But the big question.... should I go with 20s or 21s? Thanks
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hard to say cause ive seen many GTR's with 22's and for some reason the GTR swallows the 22's right up. i think a real nice set of 20's extra wide tires and rims out back with a slight drop is perfection on the GTR. my 2 cents.
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