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Old 05-19-2010, 10:59 AM   #1
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Default GT-R Fuel Gasoline Question

I live in Bangkok, Thailand and now the whole country only sell equivalent to the US, 89 octane gasoline with and without 10% ethanol and 93 octane with 10% ethanol only. Does anyone know if it's ok to use the 93 octane with 10% ethanol everyday or is it better to just go with 89 octane without ethanol?

Does the ethanol mixture harm the car in any way if used regularly everyday? (i've heard that the ethanol mixture can harm the fuel lines, rubber tubes - rings, injectors and etc....)

Should i use the one with the higher octane rating of 93 with 10% ethanol or just use the 89 octane that has no ethanol mixture?

Thank you for any and all answers.
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Old 05-19-2010, 04:18 PM   #2
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I would run the 93 with the 10% ethanol. Ethanol requires a much more rich ratio to be stoich. So, while it's not good that it has 10% ethanol, it's better than 89 octane. Also, the fuel lines/etc will be fine. Just don't let the ethanol fuel sit too long without running it out of the car, as it's notorious for gumming up the fuel system if it's left to sit for long period of time...
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Old 06-23-2010, 11:43 PM   #3
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I am forced to use 92 with 10% ethanol, that's the best I can find in Hawaii. Now the question is which is better-Shell V-Power with Nitrogen enriched or Chevron with Techron?
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Old 07-12-2010, 09:30 PM   #4
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Certainly in South Florida we don't have much choice - its 93 octane with up to 10% ethanol - seems to work ok.
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Old 07-14-2010, 05:48 AM   #5
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what about 95 octane !!
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Old 09-22-2010, 08:57 AM   #6
Andreas Miko
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almost any where you go the gas is mixed with ethanol, so no worries
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