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Default Stock Turbos, Maximum Boost?

I have the HKS GT600 kit installed and now running at 1.3 bar, can i make it run at 1.5 bar? What's the maximum anyone has taken the stock turbos up to?
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You can run higher, however you'll need additional tuning for sure using the COBB AP or any other systems along with Injectors.

Either way, your turbos will be blowing hot air at that point and your power levels will decline towards the higher RPM's.
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I agree with Eugene. The stock turbos are out of breath around 17psi or so. You will notice some gains above that (as long as the car isn't heat soaked), but the horsepower gain per psi of boost above 17psi will decline significantly. This is also very hard on your turbochargers and will reduce their lifespan.
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The RHFF CHRA should be good for well in excess of 20psi of boost pressure, however, as others have noted there are substantial diminshing returns after 1.25-1.3 bar as you are passing the peak efficiency of the stock turbos.

As for as longevity I don't believe sustained high pressure operation hurts these turbos, I've seen some IHI turbos (VF34, VF39, etc.) run very hard at 1.5-1.6 bar for tens of thousands of miles without any issues, you just have to make sure oiling is good, IHI turbos take a bit more oil pressure than say Garretts GT series.
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