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Default GTZ Motor Club 2nd Anniversary 14th January 2011

A year has passed, another has come.. Happy New year 2011

On the 14th of January, The GTZ Motor Club will be proudly lighting out its 2nd Candles at the Mercure Hotel, Jebel Hafeet (Al-Ain).

On behalf of the GTZ Motor Club, I am honored to invite all the GTZ Members & Fans and all the Nissan MotorSport-line Car owners to celebrate their own club 2nd Anniversary, it was a great year, lots of achievements, but there is always room for more… and we will always reach their with the Members and fans dedication and support..

1st Anniversary Cake

Hafeet road

Bin Sulaim rocking Hafeet roads with the GTR

Mercure Hotel


- Lots of fun.

- Nice drive.

- Media coverage.

- Photo-shoots.

- tasty open buffet.

- FREE Cold beverages in the meeting points.

- Sheeeeeeeesha on top of Hafeet mountain .

- delicious Anniversary Cake :irock:

Here is the event plan:

Event Date: 14th January 2011

Drive Start: 1:30 PM Sharp

Start point: Sheik Zayed Al-Nahyan Mosque parking lot (Abu-Dhabi)

Destination: Mercure hotel, Jebel Hafeet (AL-Ain)

Route plan:

Abu Dhabi Meeting point (Event main point):

Location: Shiek Zayed al-Nahyan Mousqe Parking lot.

Meet time: starting from 11:30 PM – 1:14 PM.

Drivers briefing /lineup : 1:15 PM SHARP

Drive start: 1:30 PM SHARP.
* Al-Ain members are invited to meet us in Abu Dhabi meeting point to join the drive & video shooting

Dubai/Northern Emirates Meeting point:

Location: Ibn-Battuta Mall Parking lot (Paris Gallery parking)

Meet time: starting from 9:45 AM – 11:00 AM.

Drive to AD start: 11:00 AM SHARP.
* Anybody misses the drive can meet us in the Abu Dhabi meeting point.

Al-Ain (Celebration point):

Location: Mercure hotel Jebel Hafeet

Arrival time: Around 3:30 PM

Open Buffet: 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM ( Including Beverages )
Original price: 125 AED/person.

Support Members : FREE of charge.

Club Members: 50 AED/ Person

Club Members Guests : 50 AED/ Person * ( 1 Guest/Car, for additional guests, PM me)

Anniversary CAKE: 6:00 PM

You better not miss the cakes :irock:

A special thanks goes to all the Supporting Members, your effort and believe on the club will never be forgotten and we will always try to give you the best service all the time.

A Special thanks to our Sponsors for all the amazing offers given to our club members.



A Special Thanks to Nissan Me FZE for all the support.

A Special Thanks to NISSAN CORP for the amazing cars we got .

Event Sponsor:
Special Thanks to Mr. Yuta Yamazaki,
Marketing Manager,
Nissan ME

Media sponsors:

• Top Performance magazine. (Special thanks to Mr. Zlatko)

• Car middle east. (Special thanks to Mr. Shahzad)

• Arab Motors TV.

• More to confirm……

GTZ Motor Club- UAE
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Dubai / Northern Emirates:

1) NightCrawler 350zTT

2) Scarface 350zTT

3) Abdulla R35-600

4) Fahad R35-700+

5) Ahmed wolf 350zTT

6) Dexter 350z

7) Abdulla Friend R35

8) Abdulla Friend R35

9) Fahad Friend R35

10) De Wolfe G35

11) 241 G35

12) Rashed Wald R35

13) Ahmed wolf Friend 280z

14) Ahmed wolf Friend 300zx

15) Ali 240z 2JZ

16) Mohammed al raisi G37s Top secret

17) yousif 350z




Abu Dhabi:

1) Fahad 350z

2) Samer G37s

3) Ahmed 350z Chargespeed

4) Docaam 370z

5) Mubarak R35

6) Al Mushakes 350Z




1) Mohammed Abdulla 350z

2) Saeed 350z

3) Ahmed 350z SC

4) Fahad G37s Top secret

5) Docaam G35 sedan ( friend )



GTZ Motor Club- UAE
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Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Dubai
Posts: 22
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1. NightCrawler ( 350z TT )
2. Scarface (350z TT)
3. Ahmed wolf (350z TT )
4. Ahmed wolf Friend (280z)
5. Ahmed wolf Friend (300zx)
6. N/A Z (350z)
7. De Wolfe (G35)
8. 241 (G35)
9. Royal (241's)
10. Royal (guest )
11. Abdulla (R35 600)
12. Abdulla Friend (R35)
13. Abdulla Friend (R35)
14. Fahad (R35 Amuse)
15. Fahad Friend (R35)
16. Mohammed al raisi (G37s Top Secret)
17. Rashed (R35 Wald HKS 800)
18. nav (350z)
19. nav friend (350z)
20. Ali (240z 2JZ)
21. yousif (350z JP)
22. Khanrocks (R35)
23. Kazel (350z Veilside)
24. Abdulla
25. Nissan ME (370z Convertible)
26. Nissan ME ( 370z Coupe)

Abu Dhabi:

1. Fahad (350z buddy-Club)
2. Samer (G37s AutoKits-X)
3. Ahmed (350z Charge-speed)
4. Docaam 370z
5. Mubarak R35
6. Al Mushakes 350Z
7. Esmaeil G35
8. Devil_One (Sexiest G37)
9. Valanteeno
10. Naji (370z)


1. Mohammed Abdulla (350z Veilside)
2. Saeed (350z)
3. Ahmed (350z Vortech)
4. khaled (G37s Top-Secret)
5. Docaam g35 sedan (Friend)

Sponsors & Media :

1. Nissan ME 1. (Main Sponsor)
2. Nissan ME 2. (Main Sponsor)
3. Nissan ME 3. (Main Sponsor)
4. Nissan ME 4. (Main Sponsor)
5. Nissan ME 5. (Main Sponsor)

6. Car Middle East 1. (Media)
7. Car Middle East 2. (Media)
8. Arab Motors TV 1. (Media)
9. Arab Motors TV 2. (Media)
10. Gear One TV 1. (Media)
11. Gear One TV 2. (Media)
12. AutoMiddleEast.com 1.(Media)
13. AutoMiddleEast.com 2.(Media)

14. Tuning UAE 1 (Forum Sponsor)
15. Tuning UAE 2. (Forum Sponsor)
16. Peak performance 1. (Forum Sponsor)
17. Peak performance 2. (Forum Sponsor)
18. NFS tuning 1. (Forum Sponsor)
19. NFS tuning 2. (Forum Sponsor)
GTZ Motor Club- UAE
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