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Default Sparco Harness Bar (Evo Fitted part)

First, you will need to purchase longer bolts for the upper brackets and seat belt mount. Make sure they are Grade 8. (Size: 11mm by 1.25 55mm long )

Begin using a plastic pry tool and pop off the lower trim cover for the seat belt mounting point, as well the upper mounting point. (here are two reference pictures of how they come off from the factory)

Remove the hardware from the upper mounting point. Pay VERY close attention to how this comes off! You will also need to remove the outside trim off the seat belt(the part that folds over the bolt).
The Bracket for the harness bar needs to go on the outside to fit the GTR.(on the evo it goes under the upper belt mounting point) It should look like this assembled (using the Sparco spacer)

Once to this point, finger tighten the bolts on both upper mounts.

Position the horizontal bar in place and finger tighten the allen bolts to hold it in place. It should look like this

This is optional, but I strongly recommend it. Remove the lower part of the rear seats and the filler foam. The vertical bars depress into these VERY badly and will deform them over time. To this, feel under the middle of the seat, there is a small ring, pull this forward and lift upwards on the seat. it will come free. Move the carpet over the seat bracket and then lift the foam out and away from the bracket.

Assemble the lower vertical bar to the lower seat belt harness, it should look like this(adding the Sparco spacer and bolt)

Finger tighten the lower mounting of the vertical bar, and then install the upper hardware finger tight.

The bars final height can be adjusted up and down to get the correct horizontal bar mounting height. Once you are satisfied with the height, tighten all hardware down and the finished product should look like this.

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