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Default My ride experience in a RHD JDM GTR

This is the original story cut and pasted from my email group that requested
that I tell the story of my ride in the GTR in my creative way of telling stories! so here it is: Original date of this is March 5th 2008.

I woke up yesterday with the sun shining at a perfect 45 degree angle right

into my left eye! After wiping the morning eye boogers away I proceeded to

head into the bathroom to take the customary morning leak and then brush

my teeth, hit the shower and I was on my way! For this day was going to be

an exciting day because I was either going to get a ride or be able to drive a

GTR! I scurried on out of the house and fired up the Z. When I got on the

Freeway I turned down the stereo and punched it so I could hear the

simultaneous spooling of the HKS GT2530's and the Z began to pull hard as I

shifted through the gears and I thought to myself "OK why am I selling this

car again?" With a big smile on my face I proceeded to pass everyone that

was in good old Quick Silvers's way! I then looked over at Mr. Sulu and told

him to set a course for Gardena warp 9! Mr. Sulu obliged and off we went! I

dropped out of warp after about an hour to find myself at my destination! I

pulled into the parking lot and instructed Mr.Sulu that I was beaming to the

surface so just maintain a standard orbit and I will return after a while. Mr

Sulu obliged and away I went. I opened the door to Steve Mitchell's shop with

the sun shining hard against my back. The sun immediately filled the shop and

there on the rack lit up like a blaze of glory was GODZILLA!!!!!!!! I have seen

every part of this car in pieces so there is no way I should be the slightest bit

intrigued right? Wrong! There is something about the GTR that just makes you

feel good all over! I felt like a guy at a club standing by myself and there is a

hot chick over there that keeps staring at me giving me the " come over here

" look! I slide up under the rack and asked what is the car still doing on the

rack. Steve informs me that it was hesitating and throwing trouble codes to

the ECU. He hooked up the consult and eventually traced the problem to a

loose crank sensor. After tightening it up he lowered GODZILLA to the floor

and fired it up! Now..... I have heard this car running before and I have seen

it driving at a slow pace but I have never heard it fire up! OMG what beauty

of sound when this thing fired up! I am telling you right now if you handed me

a piece of coal right then and there I was hard enough to cut it up and make

it into a diamond for you! SHWING!!!!!! The idle started to stumble again and

then he cleared the trouble codes and GODZILLA purred like a kitten! At idle

the car sounds like it is on a supercharger as you can hear an audible whine.

All I can say at this point is that this damn thing is mean! Suddenly Mario and

his assistant RC show up while Steve is backing GODZILLA out. Mario loves

white cars and he really loves the GTR in white! we get out into the parking

lot and Steve asks "who is first?" Giddy like a flock of school girls we look at

each other and I tell Mario(the guy you see sitting in the engine bay pic) to

go first. Mario gets in and they leave the lot. 5 minutes later they come back

and Mario is not smiling! He rolls down the window and says it is not boosting!

We pop the hood only to find that a clamp was not tight enough on the

intercooler hose and it blew it right off! After putting the hose back on and

making sure that all of the boost hoses were tight they were off again. 5

minutes go by again and I hear what sounds like a group of Ninja or Hayabusa

motorcycles headed in our direction so I run out to the street to see and

there was nothing so I assumed that they all got on the freeway nearby.

Finally GODZILLA appears! I can see Mario's face from one block away he is in

shock! No he is smiling! No he is in shock! No he is smiling and in shock! He

got out of the car and I got in and I asked him before we left "so how was it?"

He said "I have ridden in alot of fast cars but nothing compares to what I

just experienced! I am speechless! I said "speechless??? not Mr. I have an

answer for everything Lozano is speechless!!!" "lets go Steve" We take off

and suddenly my comm badge goes off and it is Mr. Sulu informing me that I

left my G suit behind. I told him that it would be o.k. seeing how I don't

expect to see speeds past mach 1 today and sooo were off! It felt very weird

being in a right hand drive car! We got on the main road and Steve punched it

and I went into this feeling of temporary euphoria! When I came out of it I

was immediately pushed into the seat by the G forces created from the

massive amounts of torque and as my face looked over at Steve I could not

do anything but smile and laugh and grab my stomach! It felt like we had

taken the 1st drop on a roller coaster! You know that tingling feeling you get

on a ride like that? That is what the GODZILLA experience was all about. Even

with all the traction control on we still broke all 4 tires loose!!! This thing

handles like a slot car! You point it in the direction you want to go and it puts

you there! The power is so linear it is just shocking! The transmission shifts

like a hot knife through butter! It even blips the throttle for you on down

shifts. When you let the computer shift for you it shifts very fast! Or you can

switch over and paddle shift yourself and still have a damn good time! I was

not sure about the whole paddle shift thing but I am a fan now!!!!!! As we

approached warp mach light to the E=MC2 division of speed, Steve slams on

the brakes and the Brembos bring GODZILLA to a complete stop like it is

nobodies business! We do a couple of warp mach light runs and return to

space dock! My chest is now hurting from trying not to pass out from all of

the G experience without a G suit! I get out of the car looking like I have just

had some of the best sex in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!! This car is sex on wheels in fact

it has inspired me to make up a new word. It is not incredible nor is it

awesome. It was AWCREDIBLE that is the new word to describe what I

felt! Mario's assistant jumped in the car and came back with the same

expression on his face that I had! However, I finally figured out where the

sound of Ninja/Hayabusa group came from...When they went past us at full

speed this thing Roared and Growled so loud it really sounded like a huge pack

of motorcycles with a grizzly bear chasing them! It sounded sooooooooooo

GOOD! I thanked Steve for the ride and hit my comm badge to beam myself

back to the Z. Mario instructed me to park at his shop down the road so we

can all go eat together. Upon returning to the ship Mr. Sulu asked "so how

was it? I told you to take your G suit!" I just look at him as we found an open

stretch of road and told him to give me warp mach light nine EMC2 to the

ninth power!!!!! and the rest went as follows:

Mr Sulu: I will give you everything we have

Kevin : ENGAGE!!!!!!

Mr. Sulu: I am sorry sir but I can only give you warp 9

Kevin: What!!!! Neely to engine room I need more power

Engine room: We are giving you all she's got!!! what do you think this is a GTR or something???

Kevin : Engine room more power now!!!! Divert the sublight engines from the deflector shield and all available power to the main engines and the gt2530's Now!!!!!!!!

Engine Room: She is not going to hold together!!!!

Kevin: I must have the euphoria!!! I must duplicate that power!!! Full power now!!!!!

Engine room: You have full power now!!!

Kevin : Why can't I feel what I felt before!!!

Mr Sulu : This is not a GTR!!! This is old technology we need to put this thing in space doc and grab us one of those GTR's before Starfleet hands them all out!

Kevin: We have dropped out of warp what happened!!!

Mr. Sulu it appears we are at Mario's shop shall I land?

Kevin: yeah land this piece of crap! Is it me or does this starship feel very slow all of the sudden?

Engine room and Mr Sulu: It is you! we told you not to ride in that damn thing! Now get us on the list so we can get a new starship!

Kevin: I don't know hmmmm I will have to discuss it over lunch. Perhaps we will go in increments. 1st the new G class starship with a few hidden extras and then we go and get GODZILLA! Only time will tell!

Engine Room and Mr Sulu: OH man here he goes again!

Kevin : We will see where our adventures take us! Neely out!

P.S. If you want the same old boring hit the throttle and get the torque and spin the tires blah blah blah Then get a Z06 which I had an opportunity to ride in yesterday as well. I must say that I was not impressed and it did exactly what I thought it would do! That is why we sold that technology to the Klingon's years ago!

If you want excitement, euphoria, sex on wheels, an experience of a life time, etc, etc, etc, etc...Get the GTR hands down.

This just in...The Z06 owner just called me on my cell as of this writing and informed me that his car is for sale and he is on Gardena Nissan's list and is going to pay 20 over! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Peace!!! hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Enjoy the ride!


Kevin Neely

Wellllllll you asked for my write up!
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