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Default NEED help/advice

Hi guys.
I am brand new to the site. I am loooking for a new toy to use a an occasional daily driver as well as a track weapon. The GTR is near the top of this list but I have some reservations. I am looking for any advice/knowledge you can bestow upon me regarding the durability/reliability of the car, any drawbacks I should consider, etc.
Thanks in advance.
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Cooling system upgrades.
Brake system especially disc upgrade.

other than that just according what you need for further upgrades.

ps. just keep the oil clean.
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Got my 2009 at start of Sep 2008. Have 8 to 9000 miles on it in the 17 months since. Absolutely no problems. DD it 8-9 months in spring, summer and fall. Only occasional driving in our rotten Chicago winters. Had it on the track one day late last fall (and will be back more often this year) --- AWESOME.

Brake upgrade appears appropriate if you'll be doing a lot of serious track time.
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em... right, Malaysia SUMMER whole yearSSS
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Part of the issue depends upon how often you plan to track your car and how deep the bank account is. I have a 350Z that I track regularly and find it to be as satisfying to track as my GTR, partly because the price of
calamity is far less and partly because it's fun to pass cars that are supposed to be much faster. Maintenance is cheaper on the Z and it's more nimble, being quite a bit lighter than the GTR. Of course, lap times
are better in the GTR, but not by as much as I would've thought. For me, the GTR makes for a great daily driver and occasional track car, though I'm sure most readers of this forum see it differently and would argue its merits as the ultimate track machine. I think its size is an impediment to its track utility.
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