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Thumbs up R35 Anti Sway Bar/ Anti Roll Bar or called Stabilizer Bar

Basically, Absorber is absorb the spring's movement...Spring is independent support the weight pressure and shorter gets lower gravity/less roll too...anti-roll bar is "independent" F/R only~ for reduce the left to right sides twice and add more kg/mm supportS to the spring without effect the straight line ride comfort.

When on uneven highway and corners my car rolls/shakes. searching the anti-roll bars from the market for a while, Eibach always just slightly harder than stock as thier springs, Mine's product is "medium" hard with Good quality as stock(alloy mounting stopper as OEM), HKS Kaisai with a improve rear only~guess the rear needs more improve^^, Cobb is the only product with multiple setting I know.

Cobb is my final decision and recommend by Mr.Jeremy.

When open the box,...... the front bar is huge and Heavy! (actually just notice that's slightly heavier than stock when I remove the stock one and compared)
The rear brackets is oval, I push it all the way to rear direction for better linkage(make it straighter) to the absorbers.

I set the front 53% (bar end hole), rear 63%(center hole) stiffer than stock.And that's Cobb's advantage to others, It can maximum set both F/R 94% harder, may be for track use.
Any suggestions?

Just took 2 hours DIY after receive from Fedex then drive out looking for corners to test it.

First impression is sharper and more direct steering feel with much more stable on highway above 200km/h (even better on low speed straight...).
Unlike changing the stroger/harder suspension system always comes with heavier steering turns(causing by stronger spring). It's lighter!

With same ride high/same ride gravity, it turns every corners from sharp to high speed very stable. it reduce lots rolls/sway and even nearly can't notice shaking again!!! Oops! someone told me that stock one is good enough, but the stock bar is too soft for me! or may be that's our Malaysia proudly uneven road condition.

So it does not sacrifice my ride comfort as "sport" suspension system does. But when meet the corners, I can step on the throttle with FULL confident as sport suspension.The front end won't sink, rear is "square" and steady ready to shoot out.

Btw, the rear stock bar can easily twist by hand, guess just add few kg/mm to help the rear springs.

Ah~ if match up with lower down suspension, lower gravity...hehe...
...but my front bumper lips will drop anytime in Malaysia's resident area road bump!

Good part: Cobb swaybar kit comes with 2 small sticky "grease" for the rubber mount, it's can't easily wash out with any soap~cause it's water resist and last long to protect the mountings. And a FOC number plate, very sweet.
Down side: the front bar's mounting stopper need more accuracy measurement as rear, it leaves few mm left and right= useless stopper

Overall, It's a Good product that worth to pay. after installed the 570kit for a while...feel boring already...hehe, it make me exciting again.
I'm satisfied with the performance. Powerful muscle needs stronger legs too^^

Thanks to Mr.Jeremy from Speed for Sale again.
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