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Default AMS Max-Slot (26) Rotor Installation

Recent install on a clients R35!

Level of Difficulty - 5/10

Tools Required:

21 mm Socket (rims)
14 mm socket
13 mm socket
12 mm socket
10 mm allen socket
3/8 rachet
flat head screwdriver
impact gun
torque wrench
brake cleaner

*gloves recommended

The following will be a simplified version for those with a basic knowledge of mechanics. We recommend installation by a certified technician! Instructions are provided as a reference and all precautions should be noted as brakes are a critical safety component. Perform the bottom at your own peril!

1) Raise Vehicle
2) Remove Rims
3) loosen brake master cylinder cap and place rags around reservoir in the event fluid spills when de-pressing pistons in calipers (later step)
4) Time to remove front brake pad pins (2 pins per caliper) upper pin pictured:

Tools needed:

Carefully tap the pin. Not much force is needed to tap them out - Don't want to damage the finish on the calipers! Also not orientation of the retaining tab!

Pushing in on the retaining tab will aid in the removal of the pins.

Pins removed along with retaining tab!

5)Locking pins will need to be wire brushed! This can be done anytime prior to installation!



6) Pictured are the bolts that will need to be removed from the front calipers:

yellow dot denotes bolt along with the appropriate socket for removal!

larger retaining pins and tab removed (note retaining metal tab position):

Pins will need to be cleaned prior to install!

What you will likely see (wear) on the OEM components:

7) Once the caliper is carefully removed support the caliper with zip ties off to the side (plenty of suspension components/brackets can be used as a support). Make certain the metal brake line is not bending or stretching!

8) Remove OEM caliper
9) Clean hub and apply anti-seize :

10) Install AMS Max-Slot (26) Rotor. Slot orientation is personal preference!

11) Mount caliper paying attention to torque specs:

12) Depress pistons carefully and insert one pad. The pistons will want to move and there are 3 per side so having a helper is useful. Repeat for the other side!

Large front retaining pin bolts are tightened to approx 18-26 ft/lb

Pay attention when inserting pins. These need to fit flush in the caliper! Red dot beside pins sitting flush in caliper:

You can also see the metal tab affixed on the lower pin!

13) Pic of assembled unit:

Rear Rotors are essentially the same with the exception of fewer retaining pins for pads and the rear E-Brake assembly. We skip the obvious repetative steps and continue when the rear OEM rotor is removed exposing the E-brake:

Adjustment tab:

1) clean the e-brake assembly with brake cleaner

2) Clean hub and apply anti-seize

3) carefully install AMS Max-Slot (26) rotor. You may have to loosen the E-Brake adjuster adjustment. Install with the adjustment hole pointing towards the adjuster - you can see the adjustment hole at the top of the rotor:

4) Install caliper/pins/bolts as noted earlier. Pins should be cleaned as well! Large caliper torque specs are the same as the front (10mm allen)

5) Adjust e-brake with a flat head:

Do not overtighten! the rotor you should be able to turn by hand. Overtightening will prematurely wear the E-Brake shoes!

6) Remove adjuster hole rubber plug from OEM rotor and install on AMS rotor:

7) Assembled rear brake assembly:

8) Check brake fluid levels. Add or remove accordingly!

9) PUMP brakes a few times before driving to pressuring the calipers!

10) Follow bed-in instructions of brake pads

AMS R35 GTR Max-Slot (26) units installed behind the rims:


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