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Default GTR Factual Mechanical Problems, Failures and Issues from owners.

Hello to all, I will not be getting my GTR till October/November. I request that everyone that receives their cars report to the group factual issues and concerns I.E. Squeaks, Rattles, Breakdowns, Defects, Failures and Driveability Issues. I hope we can keep this thread clear of unsupported opinions and rumors and stick to the actual experiences of only the new owners as they receive their cars. This would be helpful to the rest of us in making sure we check our new cars for defects and problems when we take delivery and allow us to keep an eye open for similar issues and problems.
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This is a good idea. If there is enough response I'll sticky it, so for now be sure to bump it if it goes to the second or third page.

One problem I have heard of multiple Japanese tuner shops having once the power is increased beyond 550-600 horsepower is that the stock clutches are slipping.

The factory transmission/diff/transfer case combo also has some rattling at idle and certain cruising situations, but this is stated in the factory owner's manual to be normal.
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If you run through the Owner's Manual, it tells you about a myriad of grunts, groans, clicks, whistles, chatter, and clatter. The car seems to be a veritable orchestra according to the manual. Every noise description ends with, "this is normal."
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very good thread topic. im not getting mines till oct-nov as well (hopefully). im also hoping all these rumors that is popping up aint true as well. this will consider my purchase decision.

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I would like to remind one very simple yet important matter regarding the GTR is the TIRE PRESSURE. My car was delivered to me with 35lb of pressure and at the time the car was really nervous. The faster it went the more dangerous it got when going over bumps and uneven surface. Checked the Tire Pressure Monitor and realised the overpressure so reduce it down to 32, improved a bit but still the ride of GTR should be better than that? Studied the manuel and again adjusted it back to 29lb (200kpa). Greatly reduced the nervousness and now giving a more comfortable ride. So remember to adjust it to the factory recommended pressure.
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Very good point Winsome. This will be indeed a very usefull topic and really hope it will stay on top!
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