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Default Vibrations and restart issues?

I have several questions..
Just wondering if anyone else has experienced a warm restart issue. Car is driven for thirty minutes. Restarted twenty minutes later and starts but idles very inconsistently for ten to twenty seconds feels like a stall..but does not... before coming back to normal levels..any ideas..no error codes and also noticed vibration upon wheel locking at slow speeds through steering wheel and seat of pants and the last one is a constant noise from the prop shafts turning..normal as well? otherwise car runs great...4000 miles and counting..thanks for any help
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Hmm I haven't seen this on either of the GT-R's we've owned...I would take it into the dealer so they can replicate the issue and troubleshoot.
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my car has been doing it since i purchased it, i thought it was nothing since the car has been to the dealer for frequent oil changes and inspections. i wouldnt worry, just to be perfectly clear once the car was ran for a long period of time then turned off, then again restarted it would shake and vibrate a lil and the tachometer would drop a bit lower than usual. I just ignored it. hope that helps.
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