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Default to repaint or repair

I parked in a lot far away from all..That did not stop some scum sucker from putting a large deep key like scratch from the mid rear passenger side panel in a semi circle that travels down to the bottom...seems like a repaint to the whole rear panel...but I know even if the shop is excellent, repairs can be seen and reduce the value of the vehicle. I was hoping for some kind of miracle repair process or product...anyone know of one?
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Suggested repair:1) Find the @$$hole who did it.
2) With a pair of rusty vice-grips, rip his worthless brain out through his nose.
3) Use that to rub the scratch until it goes away (or you are otherwise satisfied).

That really sucks. I often wonder when I park far away from everyone else, if that actually increases my chances of attracting some wacko.
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It's so sad hearing cases like this...people trying to take something away that they can't have...

I hope that you get it fixed just like new...insurance should help right?
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I have a very good painter but it is never the same as factory. I was hoping someone out there knows of any product that might work to reduce deep scratches instead of the residual sucking repaint no matter how good.....

I like the first choice of finding the total idiot and the use of the rusty vice grip
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