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Very interesting thread. I am only speculating here, but I would agree it's probably only a matter of time before the black box is cracked. I often wondered how electronic devices/software/etc are hacked, sometimes very quickly after released... someone I know in the software industry said they suspect that sometimes it might be someone on the inside who leaks it out...

Anyone with a suitcase of cash want to meet a Nissan engineer in the middle of the night somewhere? heehee
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if you clear the data it will be gone, BUT your dealer will likly say thats not possible - look at the miles, and they will question it and most likly deny coverage due to you trying to be sneaky.

ecu flashes change the ID number on the unit, even after uninstalling it they can see that it was flashed before.

flickr will monitor data for 36 hours yes, however it records how many launchs have been done and some other settings indefinatly. say two years later you take it to the dealer to see how many times it was launched, they can tell you, or so thats what people are finding out.

piggy back ECU's will not change the ECU ID, however they still record the boost levels in flickr as well as other data. say your running hotter because of the extra horse power, its all recorded and they know thats not the range the car is suppose to be, coverage denied (just an example, not a very good one, cause i dunno if it records temps).

there is the new HALTECH which they havent found out if anything is recorded in flickr yet, it might bypass it, but undetermined yet.
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