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Well I just personally called and spoke to some of the GTR team leaders/ Quality assurance. And was told “tell everyone to read their owners manual, and follow the guide lines in the owners manual and warranty booklet. As it states in the owner’s manual do not turn off the VDC, driving with the VDC off can/will negate your warranty”

I also got a non political answer but I hope many of you can understand mine and his positions respective to the company. But it is a big issue they are working on

Long and short use it at your own risk, and after it breaks let us know if Nissan backed you up on your $20,000 warranty claim for driving the car in an unspecified manner.

And after they deny your claim let me know the lawyer with the balls big enough to try to overcome the special customer disclosure form you signed, and the owners manual and warranty booklet that you signed off you were advised of, and that you’re using a feature you saw on YouTube/ TV.

Thats Nissan USA though
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