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Originally Posted by elpasocrna View Post
well i am sorry if i pissed any one off. I hope the next few reviews show the car performing like it is supposed to. your also right about owners taking possession of the gtrs soon and we will see their results. I was just concerned because the car is supposed to consistently perform the same and it did not.

Hope you didn't take my post the wrong way. Just saying, be proud to drive a car that can even stay in the room with the cars it's being mentioned with. It will be rare, and I look forward to taking possession of mine. I do, however, wonder if the engine is tuned for 93 octane and not 91 (the best I can get here is 92). Maybe the engine is retarding the timing to prevent detonation? Who knows? Saw on the nagtroc forum where the owner's manual says that 93 octane is recommended. Could possibly be part of our problem/answer?

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