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I agree with you elpaso.

I also posted about this in the other forum. Something is not quite adding up. Is it a hurt car, bad driver, bad gas, bad conditions or acutally the truth. If so Nissan will have alot of GTR's sitting on the lots because the advertised and hyped up times, power are not coming true. I am sure that once these cars get to owners the truth will come out.

This car is supposed to be so easy to drive then so should these times that were first reported be easy to achieve

2009 Nissan GTR Super Silver
2008 IS-F Star Fire Pearl /Black
2007 Mini Cooper S Laser Blue Sold
2004 E55 AMG Sold
2004 Subie STI Black/Gold wheels Sold
2001 ML55 AMG Sold
1994 Toyota Supra Turbo(Modified 800rwhp) Sold
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