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Originally Posted by novagtr View Post
Thank you mc!
Yes, the led's are not going to be installed and I'm getting a full credit for their cost.
It is unfortunate that they quoted that crazy length of time to do this work.
As you stated, the job does not take that long, but I was looking to have recourse in the event something would occur due to the electrical nature of this mod.
Shame that this couldn't occur, but everything for a reason & at least my GTR will still have full function of the air intake's for the engine.

Let me know if you are still interested in the led set as i have them available at much lower than the dealer and also mine have the bypass done to them allowing them also to me on at night. Send me a pm and I will give you all the details. Also, install takes about 2 hrs and the dealer is overpricing the install.


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PM me on rear camera, video kits, and oem daytime led lights.
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