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Default SP Engineering - Authorized Tuner/Dealer Greddy/HKS

Other then twin turbo charging exotics, GTR's from the past and present has always been our passion as well. Through our experience we only offer parts that are built with quality and have been tested before we recommend these on our customers GTR's.

Here's a list of Greddy parts available at SP Engineering

Greddy's New Titanium + Mid pipe combo

Greddy's New DCT Cooler

Our 9.62 and 9.84 qtr mile record breaking passes we have recently achieved were powered by Greddy TT and COBB AP. With the correct tuning combination of parts from Dodson, COBB, and Greddy, SP Engineering will deliver you a 9 second full interior, street driven GTR!

Here's a another glimspe of our recent tuning session:

SPE R35 - Built Bottom End

Hing's R35 - Factory Internals

World Record Video: http://vimeo.com/10932574

We have built many GTR's for the average weekend warrior to the track or the drag strip. Every part from only the best manufacturers such as Greddy and HKS has been installed/tuned/tested by SP Engineering.

Our SPE750 turbo upgrades are also one of the best setups using products from HKS. We will be bringing 5 of our GTR's we have tested and tuned using this setup to the track shortly, but feel it can also deliver a 9 second daily driven GTR.

Wayne's SPE750 1.8 BAR 109 Octane

Some of the images of HKS products that are used with our SPE750 Turbochargers.

For those who just want gains of 100-150 AWHP, the HKS GT570 - 600 packages will do the job using COBB AP with our custom tune. Either using the factory boost solenoid or EVC.

We understand the GTR's interior is lacking major space for any type of gauges, etc so we decided to make it happen

Everything we do is done IN HOUSE from complete motor builds to transmission upgrades using Dodson, PPG, etc. For those who would like to reprogram their transmission from LC2 to LC1, we can do it. For those who want to change their clutch points and pressure lines, we can do it as well. There is no HESITATION, FUEL CUTS, TRANSMISSION SLIPS, SHIFTING ISSUES of any sort at this time with our setup. SP Engineering is a 1 stop shop for any GTR owner for the street, track, or drag strip as we have built over 50+ GTR's worldwide since it's debut.

Any questions, please call or PM

Eugene @ SPE
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